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  1. i used the bridge and tailpiece from my epi sg, as the gold was looking old. however they looked the same size but im sure they're VERY slightly different because i had to change them back, for some reason the tuning wouldnt stick in either guitars. SD 59 in the bridge, gibson 57 in the neck. switching the pick guard to a black one (getting this made up) the difference is amazing. plus i put locking grovers on, very easy to do. went from a good guitar to one i love and will keep for a long, long time.
  2. grover locking tuners will fit right in without any mods. easy to put on, even i managed it.
  3. those p94s sound great in a solid body guitar! the bridge / tail piece from the sherry is the original, i rubbed the gold off with some t-cut. google t-cut if you dont know what it was, i didnt know exactly what it was, although its been going for years! i have been told though, that the metal will rust, but if it was to happen, it'll take a while. i'll just buy a new bridge. and as for the pole pieces, it sounds great where they are, and i like symetrical looks.
  4. my first pics on this forum... i put a gibson 57 in the neck and a SD 59 in the bridge. a world of difference. as we know the tone isnt great from the epiphone stock pups. the tail piece and bridge - i took the gold off with some t-cut, if you dont know what this is, its something you put on cars to remove marks on the paint work etc. turned out pretty good. i'll change the pots to simple black ones too. and its got black grover locking tuners on there. now my sg - simple enough, locking tuners and gibson p94's in both. love the sound of these. on clean especial
  5. baccy has got to be THE best sheraton colour. ive got a blondie and i love it, but.....its no baccy.
  6. Nickel is fine, anything but gold. i really dont like it with the blone finish guitar, plus the gold is flaking off as it tends to do. i'll try pm'ing him if no one else has any ideas??
  7. Whats the best way to strip the gold finish off a bridge and tailpiece? I don’t like the gold finish from my sheraton II and it doesn’t go with my chrome pick ups ive put on - im all willing to buy new….but im struggling to find ones that fit perfectly. I put the chrome bridge and tail piece from my sg onto my sheraton. The fit wasn’t perfect, but it did fit and I have gigged with it a lot since. But ive had problems playing with it ever since I put it on - and the same with my sg, and I want both chrome. So - I want to strip the gold off the original sheraton bridge / tail piece.
  8. i put the gibson p94's in my epi SG sounds great and they look great too. i got the black/chrome ones.
  9. yeah im in the middle of buying new bridge and tail piece in black for my sg, so i'll try that, get new strings and give them a good stretch, lube the nut and if i still have problems, admit defeat and take it to a guitar tech... - anyone know what bridge and tailpiece slots into my epi sg? probably not since i dont know the exact model at the min....
  10. the problems have only been since i switched the bridge and tailpieces around. the tuning was ok before, its only since i changed them round that the problems have started. although i have just bought some nut lube off ebay, im willing to try anything that helps!
  11. So as is the case for many epi owners, I did a mini custom job on my sheraton and sg. I switched the tailpiece and the bridges around - nickel into my sherry, gold onto my sg. Mainly because I installed 2 nickel chrome pups in my sherry so it'd match. Then I put locking tuners on both, grover ones. Black ones and chrome ones if you're interested….! Now the tuning on my SG is shocking, its all over the place. Plus my sherry isnt brilliant, the G string in particular is terrible. The locking tuners don’t seem to be doing a thing, although changing strings is easy. I thought I m
  12. my first was a cry baby wah. most of my pedals are 2nd hand from ebay, all boss apart from a turbo tubescreamer overdrive pedal.
  13. cheers, thats great. ive looked on youtube, nothing definite, but they dont look like they should be wraped around. i wasnt there when he did it, but silly me, assuming a guitar technician would actually know what he was doing... and i had to go back and have the neck p94 he installed re-soldered. dont think i'll go there in a hurry again.
  14. has anyone has any issues with grover locking tuners? i got my work done on my sherry / sg (4 new pups, pics to follow) and my sherry had locking tuners put on by me, simple installation, although one of the screws wouldnt go in, had to use a gold one from the old stockm govers from the sherry. however, the tuning isnt locked at all. i got it back from the shop and he's re-strung them both with 10s, i usually play 11s but i had 2 sets of ernie ball 10s so i got him put them on. the g especially is out of tune a lot more than it used to be. i cant even play a song without it comin
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