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  1. I think 57 Classics sound really good in SGs. I've got one of the 2017 Standard Ts, and the stock pickups are perfectly fine, both clean and dirty. I did decide to go to a 498T in the bridge on mine, because I wanted something a little hotter to match the output of my Les Pauls that have Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups. Remember, you can always change pickups.
  2. This thread is for everyone to write their own letter to Gibson. Say what you will, be it a complaint, compliment, suggestion, or whatever. I'll start: Dear Gibson: Why are you sending guitars to your dealers without a proper setup? Today I tried a new 2018 Les Paul Classic at a local GC, and the neck bow was ridiculous. I practically needed a c-clamp to play a barre chord. And what's with these flimsy 9 gauge strings you're using? A P90 pickup was designed in a time when strings were heavier. PLEASE go back to 10s, at least on this model. I really want to buy a 2018 LP Classic, but I have yet to find one in a store that is playable. Sincerely, Long time Gibson player
  3. I bought one last year - LOVE IT!!!
  4. Gibson sold something in the 90s that was called the Spirit, or something like that. It was an SG body shape, with one bridge humbucker.
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