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  1. Keep dreaming...nice Asian copy of something that sorta looks like a Sheraton...but real Sheratons NEVER had stop tail pieces...nice copy, as I said...but still just a copy of something else... Mr.Nelson
  2. Not mine but some examples of what REAL Epiphones look like..still think you own an Epiphone? Mr.Nelson
  3. No' date=' what is truly bizarre behaviour is someone who makes almost 1700 posts and has never offered anything beyond self-referential head nodding and mindless cheer leading...I own eight Epiphones and none of them is the Chinese crap that's being passed off these days as Epiphones. I would say that gives me a right to make statements when I see a bunch of sheep being lead along because the name on the headstock is the same one that was once on guitars of quality... where now it's used to sell illusions to empty-headed dreamers who'd rather gather together and pretend than to actually [i']know [/i] ...how many Epiphones do you own? Ignore me all you want..it changes nothing... Mr.Nelson
  4. Tennessee...Texas...not much difference really...your parents were just more-closely related in that case..you like that name calling don't you?...but how much can you take in return before you go whining like a little baby that you're being picked on...no one is stopping you from leaving...there will be someone equally ignorant to take your place if you decide to go...it is not my intention to belittle anyone...I would like to believe that someone comes away informed...unless the person is resistant to that information because it interferes with their self-validating delusions...when that happens the delusional do feel belittled as their personally-held fallacies are dissolved in the fact of facts...truth can be painful...but it's always necessary...have a great day in Tennessee or where ever.. Mr.Nelson
  5. Did you have a point? ....I would say if you're going to be in bed with China then a Cuban embargo is ridiculous...I won't go into this here (OK maybe I will) but I happen to admire Fidel Castro for some things and despise him for other things...and if in 1952 we would have helped him rid his country of vermin like Fulgencio Batista he wouldn't have turned to the Soviets for help and Cuba would have been a social democracy..but Fidel did it on his own (with a little help from his Soviet friends) and kicked out the greedy U.S. corporations who were exploiting the country and the rich Americans and organized crime who used its casinos as a playground while on the other side of the walls people starved..but in this country "social democracy" means socialism (ooohhhh bad thing !!!)..and if you're someone out to become wealthy on the backs of others, socialism can't work because people provided for by a benevolent government can't be exploited..no exploitation...no cheap labor..no easy profit. .this goes to teacher salaries and the standard of education...local school millage votes are one of the only forms of taxation that can be directly voted down by the electorate so the people who want to live in a great country but don't want to pay for it always take the opportunity to keep education a low priority by voting them down keeping teacher salaries low, while requiring a higher education to teach, discourages the best from becoming teachers... which makes the system woefully inadequate...it also goes back to the need for cheap labor to be exploited...if an adequate education was available to everyone then the manual and menial labor force would be reduced and higher education means higher wages and less profit and a diminished cheap labor work force...you've seen this play out as education was focused on in the 60's forcing corporations to seek cheaper labor costs in Asia and elsewhere in the 70's and continuing today. ..There's also a racial and social Darwinism element to it as well...America was built on slave labor..the exploited and enslaved blacks in.the cotton field down south... (and they were used to build the U.S. Capitol) ..the exploitation of Chinese immigrants to build the railroads...the European immigrants to fuel the industrial revolution...people have been getting rich on the backs of others for a long time....going back to Castro...under Batista, Cuba had a 10% literacy rate...under Castro the literacy rate rose to 90%...sure, we kept "The Beard" at bay and economically stifled but the guy was ninety miles from the U.S. and never once cowered under the pressure...for that he gets credit...unfortunately his methods in some things weren't much better than Batista and the Soviet influence and methodology of control were reprehensible...but exactly what China lives under today...the same China we use as our big industrial park across the ocean.. Marijuana is illegal only because the government has never found a way to tax it and the alcohol and tobacco companies have never found a way to make a profit from it...end of story Late term abortions are wrong...my personal opinion is that beyond the eleventh week abortions should not be allowed.(end of first trimester) at the mother's option and only beyond the twelfth week if as a medical necessity and only then if the mother's life is endangered by going full-term...very emotive subject and it requires knowing exactly what happens during the formation from zygote to viable foetus...I also believe it's often exploited to espouse religious and political dogma using emotive rather than rational medical positions.. Mixed emotions about New Orleans too...it was a great town of great historical and cultural significance but do you rebuild a city that's under sea level and in a known hurricane pathway?...at any rate George W. Bush should have been taken much more to task for his failures there..which were probably more indicative of his gross incompetence rather than race but I'm certain race entered into it especially post-Katrina and the response and assistance that was given...Ok ...that was fun... Mr.Nelson
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