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  1. Hi guys! Haven't been around in like 2 years... So I bought a p93 and recently unblinged it... Now I really love it.
  2. that guitar is simply awesome. If it cam in other colors Ill get one...
  3. Hi kids! Recently a friend of mine bought a brand new Valensi from Sweetwater, I tried it this last weekend and saw that it said MIK... Is that the only Epiphone being still produced over there? I love my P93 but I guess it will have some more value if it was a MIK...
  4. Hi my friends: I sometimes hear people go like this and they sell their guitars. What I want to know is: Is there a moment where really there is no solution to this? No new tuners, or nut? change the bridge perhaps? Let me know because my question is about a 12 string... I want to get one that sometimes can be a hit or miss and maybe that issue of tuning can be fixed. right? Please help.
  5. Hi: My nephew asked me this. I have no prior experiences with Casinos and Peerless or new chinese ones... care to help? :-
  6. Pure stock my friend. It's amazing, this guitar I just tuned, plugged and it was ready to go... I just need a 90's one with the big buckers...
  7. Me putting my p93 through a workout with my vibrolux and my 12 pedals. Not a single "note of feedback". Thanks epiphone for an awesome guitar.
  8. well since you ask: A wilshire 12 string or riviera 12.
  9. Why Epiphone doesnt do a wilshire 12 or release the riviera 12 again?
  10. what color is that of yours? the faded ot he other one? let me know. I have 2 red guitars and will like to keep the consistency. My jazzmaster is getting the candy apple red treatment, soon.
  11. the wives tale. That's why I got a bigger apartment, to hide my guitars[biggrin]
  12. my p93 is the bomb!!!!!! I recommend it to anyone... So get one....
  13. Arghhhhh!!!!!!!!! The semi hollow teles!!!!!!!!!!! Maxhart I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I wanted to get a SX SJM 62 but now I have to rethink my strategy... damn!
  15. I think this a nice affordable tribute to Mr. Jeff Beck. Also it could look nice next to my p93 and my candy apple red tele.
  16. I really dont like epi les pauls but this one, mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. It's called socialism. And by the way, Riviera's rock the free world.
  18. Where did you find that strap? My dad had the exact one but I think they dont produce those anymore. Is that an Ace?
  19. i'm sure of that too. When they said that they want to replicate the finish... ouch. Now it will be babyshambles.
  20. check the epi blog. They go for the "hint, hint".
  21. I love mine and plan to expand on the riviera family. Yes it is also nice to see that the shape of the dots and the sheratons is right the way it is now. They looked too "mickey mouse" before and I hated it. I want a riv with the full sized HBS and one with the minis. P93 highly recommended.
  22. What's that? fade cherry or the other one? looks better than the studio shots. Congrats.
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