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  1. I'm considering the Frontier and / or the Excellente, but going to wait until my local store gets them in stock and then I'll demo them in person. One thing I noticed in the Sweetwater video is that the truss rod cover has the 'E' logo, but this is not on the guitar in any of the stock photos or the NAMM videos I've watched on YouTube.
  2. Hi, Andertons in the UK have it listed for pre-order on their website (natural & sunburst finishes) for £2,349. https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/epiphone/epiphone-texan-usa-in-vintage-sunburst Epiphone have also announced Masterbuilt re-issues of the Frontier and Excellente acoustics at NAMM.
  3. Hi - The reason some say Elite and others say Elitist is due to Epiphone rebranding. The Elite line of Epiphone guitars were introduced around 2002, however they were forced to change the name due to a conflict / legal dispute with Ovation who were already selling guitars under the Elite name. So from around 2004 onwards ,the Epiphone Elite line was rebranded to Epiphone Elitist. There are other members on here with Elite/Elitist Casinos who would be better placed to comment., but it looks legit to me (I have a 2003 Elite Sheraton)..... Truss rod cover on these guitars would have the 'Elite' or 'Elitist' text (not the Epiphone 'E' logo). The pickguard is not original and looks like an aftermarket replacement. I would have expected the hard case to say 'Elite' rather than 'Elitist', however if the guitar is a factory second / refurbished it is likely that they ran out of the orignal 'Elite' cases (as these were only in use between 2002 - 2003). Regarding price, try an advanced search on eBay / Reverb and include 'sold listings' as this will give you an indication of what people are listing them for, but also what they they are actually selling for. You can find out more information about the Elite guitars on the Epiphone website and can also view the catalog etc: http://www2.epiphone.com/elitist/
  4. My favourite Epiphone acoustic models are the Excellente and Frontier (with the cactus & rope pickguard).
  5. If we are talking about the early 80's models with stopbar tailpieces, then to my knowledge the only main difference (other than cosmetics) is the pickups. The Sheratons have Maxon MMK-75 humbuckers which I believe are higher output than the Maxon MMK-61 humbuckers in the Rivieras.
  6. Hi - this looks like a 90's made Korean Sheraton to me, however there will be others on the forum with much more knowledge on the topic than I. It's difficult to tell without the serial number. To my knowledge, the 80's and early 90's pickguards on the Korean made models had the small printed 'e' logo. Do not believe that the larger embossed 'E' pickguard logo (as in your picture) was available until later, however it could be an aftermarket replacement pickguard. The first Korean made Sheraton II's (between 1986 and 1988) had the 'Epiphone by Gibson' logo on the headstock, so I think it is safe to rule out these years of manufacture. Not sure if the headstock logo change was to reassociate the Epiphone brand with Gibson or to distinguish the Korean made models from the Japanese Matsumoku made models which were phased out in 1986 (I have an 86' Japanese Sheraton). Hopefully someone else on the forum will be able to confirm this for you.
  7. Here are two of mine - both from 1983:
  8. +1 Definitely from December 1981.
  9. Hi - welcome to the forum. The early 80's Matsumoku made Epiphones are wonderful instruments. Fortunate to have a few including a Riviera and some Sheratons. Both excellent in terms of feel, playability and build quality. The Riviera has a slightly thicker neck profile than the Sheraton (in my opinion). If you get the opportunity to buy one, then go for it. I don't think you will be disappointed. They command a bit of a premium (at least in the UK) partly due to the fact that they were used by Noel Gallagher and Paul Arthurs of Oasis throughout the 90's. The problem you will have is finding one in good condition which is not overpriced. They don't come up for sale too often and are pretty expensive now.
  10. Nice guitar I've never seen an 80's Korean made Sheraton with the raised plastic 'E' logo on the pickguard and I would expect an 87' model to have the 'Epiphone by Gibson' logo on the headstock. Looks identical to the 1999 model I had which makes me think it's from 1997 as opposed to 1987.
  11. I'm also looking for a Matsumoko made Riviera, so please PM me if you wish to sell / trade. Cash waiting or can offer a Japanese Matsumoku made Sheraton as a swap / part exchange.
  12. As Frenchie said, definitely a Japanese Matsumoku made Epiphone Casino dating from 1981. 1 = Year (1981); 12 = Month (December); 0925 = Production number.
  13. Looks like the are from the Oasis exhibition which was in Manchester last month.
  14. GuitarGuitar in Glasgow and Edinburgh have them in stock. £499 with a hard case.
  15. Yes, I'm fairly certain this is Japanese, however I'm sure there are people on here who can confirm 100%. I own two Sheratons from this period and everything seems to match up (e.g. brown / tan label in the 'f' hole with 'ASB' denoting the antique sunburst finish). Have a look on the unofficial Epiphone Wiki page for more details in relation to pickups etc. In my experience, I've found the guitar dater website to be unreliable. Particularly for some 70's / 80's Epiphone models. My understanding is that guitars from this era generally had a 7 digit numeric serial in which the first digit signified the year (as per my previous post). Some of the more recent models (90's onwards) have an alphanumeric serial number whereby the serial starts with a letter (which denotes the factory of production) followed by a number. If your Casino was a 90's model, I would generally expect the serial number to start with a letter. For example, my Epiphone Hummingbird has serial number S96120052. S = Samick Plant (Korea); 96 = 1996 (Year); 12 = December (Month); 0052 = Production Number.
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