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  2. Thank you for replies, so helpful to hear about some hands-on experience with this model.
  3. Does anyone here have one? Or bought & returned one?
  4. A little late to this thread (sorry) - I'm also curious about any members' experience with the Frampton Texan reissue. Specs on Epiphone's page say this is not a tricked-out IB64. The Frampton model is all solid back & sides & with original-spec nut-width (skinny like Paul's & Pete's), plus bone saddle, Schaller tuners & Baggs pickup. Has anyone here ordered one? Did you like it? Or return it? Impressions? Thanks, B.P.
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied - this was all very helpful. I think what I also learned was "don't be afraid to pull them out & take a look"... There are 2 rubber blocks on the underside of each pickup. The rubber is pretty hard - it does provide some "tensioning" but not as much "give" as I would expect. This is why I initially thought that the screws don't provide for height-adjustment. On the underside of each rubber block is a metal spring that is intended to to provide for height-adjustment. The pickup-screws go through all this, & screw directly into the guitar-body (wood, no metal plate.) In the case of my guitar it looks like the metal springs were bent/squashed to the point where they don't do much, and they also force the pickups to sit at an angle rather than level. I will look around for replacement springs. But, wondering if this arrangement is "stock", I still have the same kind of question - if anyone out there has this particular model (2014 LP Special I P90), do you have the same pickup-height scheme (hard rubber blocks plus springs) as what I described here?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've already seen that how-to article, as well as others on that topic. My questions were in reference to the LP Special P90 specifically - #1 - are the "tilted" pickups common to this model, & #2 - the screws don't appear to raise/lower anything, only attach the P/U to the guitar body. If I'm right (what are the odds of that) about #2, then seems like there are no options for lowering the P/U's, other than deepening the cavity route.
  7. I bought a used LP special P90 online. Pretty happy with it so far. But the 2 P90 pickups are currently installed with the height of the "inner edges" (the edges on each pickup that face each other) raised pretty high. I am wondering if this is the way all LP special/P90's look, of if this was an adjustment made by my guitar's previous owner? 2nd question - what kind of capability does this model have as far as raising/lowering pickup height? fyi - I do see the 2 pickup-screws, but it looks to me like they only serve to attach the pickup & cover to the guitar, not necessarily help in adjusting height. Anybody here actually adjusted p/u heights on their own special/P90?
  8. Thanks, "Twang" (some validation that some inexpensive upgrades make a difference) & "wardog" (as in, "why did you have to show me that awesome Maple - why did I pick Cherry?...")! -- jr
  9. Thanks for the welcome & advice. Have you upgraded pickups or other electrinics in your own Dot?
  10. My Dot is fairly new, but ever since I've had it I notice that the volume-controls are not very "sensitive" - e.g. nothing much happens when adjusting thru the first 3 or 4 clicks then a big (bigger than expected/desired) jump in volume. & the tone controls seem to have no discernible effect. Even tho I am very new to playing, this has gotten me started thinking about upgrading electronics, and I guess pickups while I'm at it. I would have a tech do the work. Have other Dot players noticed the volume/tone controls issue, & does anyone recommend particular brands for replacement parts, keeping in mind that this was a $400 guitar to begin with?
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