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    Anyone Got one? Played One? Have one to lend? I know that these have a narrower application than most guitars- but I'm interested!
  2. Anything but a Martin....Well, MAYBE and IF you could find a 1930's 0018..... otherwise I'd keep it in the family. 1. 12 fret L00 2. 16" Archtop.
  3. I'll Double down on that!!! The 'stars' can still be very accessible today. I've met (and picked) with some of the best "stars" who play my favorite kind of music. Accessibility seems inversely related to the $$$.
  4. I've used them for years on my Maple L-00. I love the sound; and I'd just say it sounds more 'vintage' with the nickels. That guitar records great, and I think the nickels have something to do with that.
  5. All I used for years was a thumbpick. I had the opposite problem: could never get used to a flatpick. A couple years ago I decided to just DO it- grabbed a flatpick and wouldn't let go. Now I use it more than a thumbpick. HOWEVER, if you're going to use a TP, try a 'zookies L-10'. The slight angle on the 'pick' squares you up when you hit a string, and the tone is better. (you aren't 'scratching' the string with the L-10)
  6. I would recommend that you get hold of a good vintage shop in your area and ask for recommendations. Out here in Seattle, I would contact Mark Tossman or Paul Stroh. These guys primarily do just vintage repairs. ( Mark built me a replica bridge for my '46 J45 from a beautiful piece of brazilian- spot on with an original.) I've had luthiers do repairs, but I'm always uneasy about using a luthier or general repair person. Vintage specialists deal regularly with issues that luthiers never, or rarely see. Good Luck!
  7. By your standards I'd never have bought ANY of the guitars I own. I don't buy instruments to hang on a wall-- it's all about the sound and playability for me.
  8. I've played with many who I consider better than me--(Heck, I even picked with a Grammy winner once--and I KNOW he's better than me!!) I really enjoy the experience. Playing with good musicians is a treat- they make the whole ensemble better. One of my regular picking buds is one of the best- a national level player. Completely humble about his abilities--we just enjoy hanging out and playing together. Of course, I play old timey/bluegrass stuff and my 'heroes' generally don't have the egos or attitudes you might see in other types of players.
  9. I seem to have misplaced much of the 60's myself..
  10. Traditionally, you can put the pickguard on or over anything you want. (This is Gibson, Remember? Check out some of the photos in the "Fabulous Flat-Top" book.) When I replaced the factory guard with another on my L-00, I tried placing the new one next to the rosette, but didn't really like the way it looked- so opted to cover.
  11. Yup! It's markings left from pieces of coal that break the skin. Another benefit of working in the West Virginia coal mines.
  12. He's posted a number of instruments for sale on the local Craigslist-- or rather, advertising the 'Packwood flea market'. After reading several of the ads, he doesn't strike me as a dealer, and the prices don't seem that out of line. Especially for the LG2 or the Mandolins. IF I didn't have other plans for the weekend, I'd certainly head over to check out the remains of his 'collection'.
  13. Here's a listing in the Local Craigslist-- I have no connection to the seller- or even know the person's identity. But I thought that this group might like to know about a guitar from the Fabulous Flat-Top book coming up for sale. A previous listing by the same person lists a LG-2 offered at the same event. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/msg/1925090334.html
  14. Oh-- believe me, I've been thinking a lot about this! And I had thought that I'd keep one- since literally everyone who plays it wants to pry it away from me. But after many months of contemplation and several cleansing procedures under the direction of my physician, I'm ready to go.
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