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  1. Sorry, I am late for the party... (But better late than never, right?!!) Here's a pic of my most current gear (same as my avatar) 06 Epi ZW Custom LP (MIK) 08 Fender Standard Tele (MIA) 99 Peavey Ultra 212 All-tube (MIA) 00 Digitech RP14D Multi-Processor (MIA)
  2. Here's my Epi LP... Sorry, this Tele wants to play with LPs, saying "Hey, I'm a single-cut, 2 PUPs guitar too! Can I hang out with you LPs??"
  3. Congrats!!! HNGD to you, Matt!!! Cherry is my favorite color for a 335 type bodied guitars, and your Rivieras looks GREAT!!!
  4. From one HNGD man to another HNGD man, Happy New Guitar Day for us~!!! Yeah~!!! That's one nice looking Epi!!! By the way, has the back of the neck been sanded? The finish there looks different from the rest.
  5. I'm with Peter on this. If you like P-90 tone but can't deal with the hum, then a noise gate or noise suppressor might be the easiest solution in stead of PUP replacement. Whatever you decide, best of luck to you!!!
  6. Thanks guys!!! Jeffery, I know how you feel about Fender. But there's something about Telecaster that's just so---, I don't know---, making my knee weak... epinder, it is a American Standard (MIA Standard), NOT a MIA Highway 1. I know the first pic looks kind of hazy, but it is because of my lousy photo/lighting skill---. But if you take a look at the bridge, it is quite clear, for Highway 1 Tele has that vintage 3-saddle bridge. This baby has one shiny glossy finish. But the finish is really thin that you actually see and feel the grain. Fender's spec says they intentionally applied thin finish for better tone. I don't know if thin vs. thick finish makes any noticeable difference (I know people debated it to no end---). But it does NOT have the "dip into plastic" like thick Epi finish that we see on Chinese Epi these days. AS90: Are you sure this old case is a 70s case that's around £100 in the UK??? I thought Fender cases in 70s were tweed type, not this hard plastic??? I mean, if this is indeed 70s case, then I can some $ signs~!!! Cha-ching~!!!
  7. Hi guys, After the problem with CIJ Fender Tele Custom with the mutilated body that I had to return, I was still deciding between Epi Alleykat and Fender Nashville Tele. But then, the same shop just got a used but in excellent+ shape 2008 (the new model) Fender American Standard Tele with Ash body in Crimson Red Transparent finish as a trade-in. So I went back there and tried it. And man, it was NICE!!! But the asking price was little out of my range at $750 (didn't come with the new molded Fender OHSC, though---). But it was NICE~!!! So I traded in my Agile 3000 LP copy w/old Epi HSC +$477 cash, and it became mine!!! And I'm telling you... It is NICE!!! Considering that this very guitar is $1,420 at Musician's Friend (with the OHSC, though---) - BTW, what the heck is Fender doing with their CRAZY 09 pricing??? - , I keep telling myself that I got a good deal... And NO, there's NO swimming pool under the PG on this!!! :) It's my very first American made guitar, and I am quite happy with its playability, fit/finish, and tone. On the way home, I stopped at a different place and picked up a really old Fender case (with very functional, but rusted metal parts) for $35. So here are the mandatory HNGD pictures... (Sorry this is not a HNEpiD---) Close-up of the Ash body with transparent finish. With that old old Fender case.
  8. Got it!!! (See, this shows how much I know about "vintage" gear...) :D Though, I had to admit that I thought it could be one of those stories on CL. You know, the stories of an old widow finding a dusty & rusty ol' guitar or amp (like, 60s Fender Bassman or 50s LP) from the attic and sold them for like $200 on CL just to get rid of them... I'll keep looking for a decent Tele or Alleykat... (please, where are you??? Come to daddy~!!!)
  9. Just saw this on Craigslist. http://louisville.craigslist.org/msg/1057311656.html I assume a 1960's Gibby has got to be worth more than $200... What's going on here? Unaware seller, or fake 60s vintage???
  10. Okay, so I went to the shop this afternoon, returned it and got my money back. But when I showed the printed photo of that mutilated body to the guy at the shop, he went, "Oh no!!!" Turned out that they gave the guy who had traded it in $650 trade-in credit that went toward a purchase. Apparently, they did not know that the body was mutilated... So he was like, "Man, we've been had---." And I was like, "Yes you have..." I thought of getting that Alleykat, which was at a different store. But I was not feeling it, though... Rather, I was feeling for a Tele... That shop had a brand new Nashville Tele with maple board that I could have for $580 out-the-door. I said I would think about it and left. Hmmm, Tele or Alleykat... Tele or Alleykat... The quest continues...
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