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  1. I have owned a dot (Korean), and a viking. They were both comparable in quality, the main difference is price. Meaning, the chances of you finding a used dot are a lot higher than finding a used viking. If it were me I would play a used dot, if you can find one where you're at, make sure you like it and use what you saved buying used and upgrade the pickups. I like the stock pickups in the viking, they suit me better than the stock dot pickups.
  2. Since they are on sale again at MF I have been considering one of them carefully, $500 isn't bad.
  3. I read through some of the initial reviews, but was curious of how they have held up. I always love a new guitar the first week or two, but slowly notice things after time collapses; tone, finish, fret work, etc.
  4. I am talking about the Epiphone Limited Edition Riviera Custom P93 Electric Guitar. I have seen a little bit of discussion about them on here, but want to know if anyone has played one long enough to have the "honeymoon effect" wear off and have a honest review. I love humbuckers and want to know how good those p90s sound, and just general opinions of them. Show them if you got them! Thanks guys...
  5. I prefer the looks of the les paul special, but I'm lazy and like pickguards.
  6. I put a GFS lil' puncher wound at 10k in my highway 1 tele, it was the best mod I could have done to the guitar. I someday want to buy 4 to 5 of the different humbuckers and try them out, some I'm interested in are; loadmouth vintage 59 dream 180 crunchy rails and a mean 90, because I have heard so many good things about them. As much as I want to try the mean 90 but I usually lean towards humbuckers.
  7. I was wondering if you guys think it worth putting a bigsby on perfectly good Korean dot? I love the dot now, has the bigsby added anything significant to any of your guitars?
  8. I always heard the body was made of some sort of composite wood, so Gibson guys usually look down on them.
  9. That's what i have in my dot, and enjoy them so far. I like the jb a lot more than I thought I would, and don't like the jazz as much as I hoped I would.
  10. genesis eye candy on ebay, click link to see
  11. I just put the hot rodded humbucker set in my dot, hope your enjoying them to.
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