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  1. Wow I can't believe this topic is still going. I have not been on here in a while. Since I asked this question I have redone my pedal board. I've been looking for effects that work for bass and guitar. I took a chance on a Behringer Vintage Distortion (Big Muff knockoff). It works for both so guitar and bass. But on bass it sounds best with a humbucker. Really got some growl. On a jazz bass it is weak, so I only use the jazz for clean sounds.
  2. Really? They should get better parts. The switch does not feel loose or anything. I'll try some contact cleaner. So I have to ask where one can find that? Also is replacing a switch hard? I've worked on strats before, but those are easy. Or should I take it to a shop?
  3. I'm having a problem on my Les Paul SC Special. When I put the 3-way switch into the treble position the sound sometimes drops down then comes back, almost like a volume swell. It may do this a few times before it comes back on. If it were intentional it would be a cool effect, but since I can't control it, it is a pain. Can anyone tell me if this is a problem with the pickup or with the switch?
  4. matt1039


    Happy New (to me) Bass Day. Well I traded my EB-3 for a Thunderbird. I spent some time yesterday cleaning it up and changing the strings. The only thing really wrong is the small chip in the finish. Other than that it is great. I love the way it sounds, like a burp. Here it is, then a picture of the whole gang.
  5. Thanks for the video Sheila. "Sunshine of your Love" played on psychedelic guitars, nice. The first time I saw Jack Bruce playing the Fender I did a double take and immediately went to find out what that was. It is so weird to see a stratocaster bass. But if it was good enough for the working class hero then it guess I have to be ok with it.
  6. Someone's comment in here got me thinking about Jack Bruce. Then I remembered some footage from his Cream days of him playing a Fender VI. It looked like a strat, but it was a short scale, six string bass with three pick-ups (not sure, memory is a little spotty sometimes.) Did he play that a lot or did he regularly switch between that and the Gibson? Has anyone seen or played a Fender VI? I'm just curious about them. Also, please forgive me for starting a topic about the F-word. (Fender)
  7. I did it. I always wanted a Thunderbird, but I got the EB-3 because it has a few extra features. But I don't really care about those anymore. Tomorrow I'll change the strings and get it cleaned up. Maybe post some pics. The only thing I've found so far is a little chip in the finish. What would be a good fix for that? But I'm still really happy with the decision. The kid I traded with was really happy to get the EB-3. I'm glad he will appreciate it more than me. It was a nice bass and deserves a good home. The only other problem is now I need a case for it. It does not fit my hard case or
  8. I've been offered to trade my EB-3 for a Thunderbird 4. I think I'm going to take it. What does the community think?
  9. Where have I seen this guy before??? It is right on the edge of my tongue.
  10. No worries guys, the intent was to get something going in the bass forum. Which has generated some great dialogue.
  11. What is the general opinion on here about short scale basses. I play guitar and bass and sometimes I think a short scale bass would be easier to switch to than the long scale. I read today that the strings are thicker so they still have a deep sound. Is that true? Are there any other tonal differences?
  12. Is there a difference in the pots used in basses and guitars. I know there is some difference between a single coil and humbucker pot. But if I wanted to change the pots in a bass what kind should I use? I don't know if there is something special with the frequencies or what. Does anyone know?
  13. I've got the EB-3 in cherry and a blacked out Fender Jazz Bass (MIM). I'm in the market for a new amp and I'm waiting to get the fundage together. I've been using a Roland JC-50. But lately it is just not getting the job done. I just got a Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 over the weekend. It is a pretty cool little amp. Those semi hollows up there look pretty sweet. I've never seen that Newport, the Wilshire-esk bass. Someone mentioned Epiphone bass amps. They should make a little stack for the bass like the valve jr.
  14. Yes the tonal differences in the basses are similar to the differences in guitars. The pick-ups carry the biggest difference, single coil versus humbucker. Some basses also have active pick-ups. I'm not really sure how those sound compared to the passive pick-ups. I want to say active pick-ups have a wider tonal pallet, but I don't really have any experience with them. Hopefully someone can enlighten us. As with guitars, the wood and the neck (set or blot on) will affect the tone and sustain. The Thunderbird has humbuckers in it so the low end should be comparable to a precision bass
  15. A Precision bass has a split humbucker, a Jazz bass has two single coil pick-ups, and a Thunderbird has two humbuckers (they are skinny like a single coil, I think they are stacked or something). The pick-ups are like guitar pick-ups. The humbucker has a deeper bottom end and a little more bite. The single coils are a little brighter with mids and have the hum. Aside from the pick-ups. The Precision and Jazz basses have different necks. The Precision neck is wider and flatter, while a Jazz neck is skinny and faster. I've read that guitar players can make a transition from guitar to bass ea
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