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  1. Well mines not an epi, but heres some pics of my Gibson Les Paul JR. It has been my main guitar since i bought it, i love it!
  2. I got an Epiphone Dot in a beautiful natural finish and a Line 6 Spider III 150 watt head :D merry christmas everyone :)
  3. I have the Tom Delonge 333 and i absoulutly love it. The dirty fingers pickup sounds great and it plays so nice. However yes it i VERY one dementional. If i were you i would just buy a DOT if you want that kind of guitar but more versitaille. The Delonge is more of a collectors guitar and for fans of Blink 182 and i would just leave mine stock if i were you. Epipunk
  4. Seeing as you already have 2 quality Les Pauls, id say keep your acoustic. Ive ownd an Epi LP Special and i wasn't to impressed. Tuners were garbage and the pickups were pretty poor. Unless you feel like sinking some money into making it a very good guitar id say just keep your acoustic. Epipunk
  5. HNGD man! she looks like a beauty, enjoy it :D
  6. So somebody just offered me a trade, and im having a hard time deciding weather or not to do it. It would be my Gibson SG Special, My Epiphone Les Paul Standard and $150, for his Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in Ebony with Mini-Humbuckers. What would you guys do?
  7. EpiPunk101


    as long as were showen em off, here are my 2 tele's
  8. EpiPunk101


    HNGD bro! always been a big fan of tele's, congrats.
  9. So the other day i put my Fender Telecaster 72 Thinline up for trade on Kijiji and Craigslist, just to see what i would be offered, and i have it narrowed down to 2 offers. One guy offered me an Epi Les Paul Custom (Limited Edition with mirror pickguard and chrome hardware) and another guy offered me an Epi Casino. Im having a very hard time deciding between the 2, which one would you guys do? any thoughts? Epipunk
  10. Just got a Fender telecaster decal that i plan to put on it very soon
  11. It was actually built by my Dad :D He's been building and selling guitars lately so i asked him to put one together for me.
  12. Just got my Custom made All Rosewood Telecaster. This guitar is unbelievable. Better then every tele i've ever played. equipped with a set of Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pounders, this guitar sounds perfect
  13. Hngd! Shes a beauty, bet she plays and sounds just as good
  14. Just got my made in england Marshall Valvestate vs100. Absolutely love this thing and got a great deal on it. only $850 Canadian :D A shot of the amp in it's new home
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