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  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone with knowledge of the blues custom 30 might be able to help me - I know some great people have made the helpful blues custom 30 mods topic so hope maybe one of those guy might see this! The other day I went to play through my amp, turned it on, left it on stand by for a bit then flipped it to play. Upon flicking onto play the amp did its usual little hum but then buzzed for about 2 seconds then all sound stopped, including the hum. Since then its not made any sound. At first i thought it was just the valves as they looked to have blown so changed out the 6l6's. Started it up today though with new ones in and nothing, swapped the 12AX7's and still nothing. When I start the amp up all the valves glow as normal but i just get no sound. I've checked the fuses and they look fine. Does anybody have any idea of what could be up with it? (Just incase anyone was going to ask - the speaker cable and guitar are definately plugged in ) Cheers, Gareth
  2. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if any of you have ever heard of such as thing as a guitar modelling pedal? What I mean by this is a pedal that simulates an actual type of guitar's sound (for example if I were playing an Epiphone Casino and ran it into a pedal which would take that input signal and adjust it to sound similar to a Fender Strat type sound before going to the amp - and not a pedal that simulates a certain amplifier's sound, as I know there are a lot of effects pedals that try that). I know some guitars have some sort of modelling built into them, like a Stratocaster VG I believe its called which simulates a Telecaster, Humbucker and acoustic guitars. Whilst I know theres nothing comparable to actually having the real deal straight into an amp, I was thinking surely its simply (for people who are experts in this kind of field at least) a case of making different frequencies more or less dominant? Possibly with sustain options and such also available for getting closer to a similar sound. Does this type of thing exist or is it only amp simulators that are available? Best regards, Gareth
  3. Hi there, as the title suggests ive got an Epiphone Casino (Korean) which I'm struggling to get a good sound out of. It just sounds cheap and a bit muddy - i play it through an Epiphone Blues Custom 30 and also have an eq pedal i can use. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to tweak the tone? I've heard turning the volume down on the guitar and turning the amp up can help add warmth to tone but it just seem to make it muddier. I'm really struggling to like this guitar and amp at the moment, even though both are highly rated, and I just cant afford something new to try with getting the tone I want. Anybody have some good tips? All the best, G
  4. Thats a pretty damn nice looking Casino Swoop.
  5. Forget my last message, I thought you were talking about the lacquer finish, but I assume your actually talking about the paint work? Are you trying to find one without too much black around the edge? I know what you mean about some sunbursts having black horns and no wood visible - I was tempted to get a red finish one instead of a sunburst because of that. I think it would just be luck of the draw to get one done exactly as you want it
  6. Where have you seen the ones with a dodgy finish? - are they brand new ones? I have a standard Casino and the finish is perfect.
  7. Hehe, that's the winning thread comment right there
  8. I'm probably a middle ground man myself, I don't change them too often but when the strings need changing then they need changing - I know that some people love to live their guitar playing lives trying emulate someone else exactly, but personally thats not for me - I wouldn't leave my strings on until they break apart from corrosion just because someone like John Lennon might have. I agree with what you said though RobinTheHood, it's definately best he keeps good strings on whilst learning. I just thought I'd throw in that little fact about Lennon incase he might be interested - if he's after the tone of Lennons playing he might bare it in mind for the future as "part of the whole" that would create his sound. All the best, Gareth
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