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  1. I use Tusq nuts on most of my trem geets Doug, work very well and won't break the bank. They come a little high, just rub the underside (bottom) in a figure 8 pattern on a piece of sandpaper laid on a flat surface to get the action how you like it. For Epis the model is PQ-6060, can usually get the best deals on eBay and such. http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/tusq/product-detail/pq-6060-00-tusq-nut-slotted-epiphone-style-1-4-?id=6268b557-736e-40d1-8ca7-24c7be50ba3a
  2. Nice score Doug, a real looker, congrats mate and HNGD.
  3. Absolutely excellent flame job on that baby, hope the headplate can be got, congrats and HNGD.
  4. Nice one, hard to beat a natural with good grain to show, enjoy and HNGD. The greco is a pretty funky thing too, looks like fun.
  5. Love the finish on that one crusty, something different, different is good, congrats and HNGD mate.
  6. A very Happy Birthday crusty, looks like you scored a wonderful present into the bargain, enjoy mate, congrats and HNGD.
  7. No probs for me either Dennis, I've at least a dozen Bigsby babies, I do the same as the others and pre-bend the end of the string. I just thought that was a cool mod though.
  8. This was posted just the other day, I haven't tried it yet, but it makes a lot of sense. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/108671-bigsby-modification/
  9. Got the collection link working again, it was a massive outage at Dropbox, should've seen the flaming going on in their forums over it, LOL.
  10. Yeah Crusty, I thought I had it bad until I ran into someone on MyLP who has 600+, now I don't feel so bad, LOL. BTW: the link in my sig will show you some of them. EDIT: seems my file host DropBox is playing up, I'll try and sort it out ASAP.
  11. Have a Great New Year too Willy, hope you get all you wish for mate.

  12. Happy New Year RaSTuS


  13. Looking real good Pat, lovely group shot.
  14. Wonderful addition to the family Pat, fits right in, congrats and HNGD mate. BTW: still no news.
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