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  1. I use Tusq nuts on most of my trem geets Doug, work very well and won't break the bank. They come a little high, just rub the underside (bottom) in a figure 8 pattern on a piece of sandpaper laid on a flat surface to get the action how you like it. For Epis the model is PQ-6060, can usually get the best deals on eBay and such. http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/tusq/product-detail/pq-6060-00-tusq-nut-slotted-epiphone-style-1-4-?id=6268b557-736e-40d1-8ca7-24c7be50ba3a
  2. Have a Great New Year too Willy, hope you get all you wish for mate.

  3. Happy New Year RaSTuS


  4. I always hit eBay and sort by lowest price, being a name brand means you have a pretty good idea you won't end up with crap, places like Music Parts Plus or Sinewave Music will usually have them for $4 or $5 each. Willy's right into 50's wiring, with any luck he'll notice this and jump in (no pressure, LOL).
  5. Yeah like the first one, with the brass top. Following that link, they're very expensive and they only provide audio tapers, no linear tapers, modern wiring scheme used by Epi/Gibby and most other bucker equipped geets use audio tapers for tone and linear tapers for volume.
  6. It's a very good idea to make your own, you'll understand the components and their purpose much better that way. What I do with my pots is buy them in batches of 6 or 12, then you can make up your own matched sets, and when you start on these wiring mods there's just not enough guitars to try and mod or upgrade, it's very addictive, so those other pots won't go to waste, also works out cheaper if you pay shipping too. If your using CTS pots try and get the ones with the brass shaft housing, they're better than the pot metal shaft housing brethren IMO and only cost about a dollar more.
  7. I"ll be thinking of you this weekend while I'm watching the Australian GP,... I hope all is well with you Rob. Hope to see you back on the forum as soon as possible.

    Frank & Lori

  8. Hello RasTus,

    Have you been on vacation? Haven't seen you around for several days. Be well & safe!!


  9. Your PM box is full Rob.

  10. That link was meant for the guys who do this ID stuff, not for sending general inquiries to him, as mentioned he's mainly only involved in pre 1960 stuff anyway, not the models later than that.
  11. A quick shout out to the model ID gurus who inhabit this thread, member Paul Fox (pfox14) has an excellent site with a wealth of information on old Gibsons and Epiphones, mainly pre 1960 stuff but I'm sure you'll find something there interesting to peruse. He also does restorations, some of which have great progress photos, I found that very interesting, YMMV. Paul Fox Guitars
  12. Hi Justine, being both an Aussie and female you have two qualities that are required on the Epi forum in spades, please hang around. There's the Epi Lounge too where we shoot the breeze on many topics, guitar related and nay, drop in anytime.


  13. Yo, hows things with you? This blake guy and his casino... tempted to offer my dot. What do you reckon? Mines a sammick 2001. + I got my SG with P90's hmmm

  14. I tried to PM you this message but was unable to, I just want to thank you for your response to the Terrible News thread, it's appreciated enormously, it means a great deal to me and to many others I'm sure. Greg was an extraordinary individual and will be sorely missed by us all.

    Many, many thanks ...


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