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  1. you are referring to his goldtop with the transperformance tuning system. this is a guitar that was modified after he got it....gibson does not make one. http://transperformance.com/index2.htm
  2. Hillybilly

    To admin.

    both types of pickups used in 59? as in 1959? if this is what you mean, then the answer is no...since the 57 classics and the Burstbuckers are two copies of the same pickup: the legendary PAF. as for a "correct reissue," you have one. prior to the use of Burstbuckers, the Historics were equipped with 57 classics. if you mean historically accurate, ie exactly like a real Burst, well then Gibson is yet to actually make one. this year's reissues are the closest gibson has come, but there are still inaccuracies (which is all marketing. if they made a 100% accurate reproduction, then people wouldnt buy as many....this way, gibson can change one or two things every year or so and say "this is the most accurate Reissue ever!).
  3. play as many as you can and see what you like. i could give you my preferences, but that doesnt really matter? i personally would buy used because it's a buyer'' market right now. I would look for a used 1958 Reissue...they go for $1800-2300 usually, which is about the same price range for new USA-line LPs. but like i said, play them all. Start with the Studio and go from there.
  4. i know a guy that runs his guitar through his laptop into the PA. i am sure i am oversimplifying, as i am not a computer guy....more of a guitar into a cranked tube amp guy.
  5. the only gibbie LP with a thinner neck than the classic is the Jimmy Page CA sigs with their paper thin shaved necks. JP CA< Classic<60s<50s the "59 profile" on Studios seems to fall between the 50s and 60s imo.
  6. the Bible says tattoos are sinful.. dont risk your soul, Blue!
  7. just put another one in your head and your problem is solved.
  8. i didnt buy any guitars this year...... so sad. i must do better.
  9. who plays an EVH Wolfgang? no one with any self-respect
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