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  1. Guys, I have always wondered this, and I think its something I should already know. as you know, men like a good list, so I would like to know in what order the Les Pauls come in terms of desirability? Now, I only mean the ones you can pick up in the shops today, not including things like the '59 classic. Now when I say desirability I mean things like, tone, equipment, uniqueness etc so here we go. Order these bad boys 1. Custom 2. Standard 3. Special 4. Standard 5. Junior 6. Goldtoop are there ones I have forgotten???
  2. Right guys, I'm still on my search for my first Gibson and I have a question that I can't find the answer to What is the difference between a Les Paul Traditional and a Les Paul classic?? Dazz
  3. it does seem that we are the pay pot that keeps the Gibson pension fund nicely topped up over here damn you all Gibson :)
  4. Just came across this little thing on eBay surely it cant be real at this price? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GIBSON-LES-PAUL-50s-TRIBUTE-WORN-HONEYBURST-UPGRADED-HARDWARE-AND-PICKUP-/140629958576?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item20be32dfb0#ht_1891wt_1396
  5. Well picked up the candidate guitar last night. a second hand Cherry G400 - in exceptional condition, cant find a ding or a scratch on it, just a little discolouration on the bridge pick up. I managed to get this for £125 (just under $200 for our US friends) The Epiphone bigsby is on its way, as is the vibramate mount so, I'll get some pics taken and post them on here to keep you updated by the way, interesting post Jfine - be interested to see what people say about the tone change. I think I'll try and record the SG before and after and see if there is any difference
  6. Thanks Guys, its expanded since then, so i'll have to get some more pics together for that too, but thanks for being interested.
  7. Thanks - quite sadly it waa Franz Ferdinand that signed the guitar. I say sadly, only because Im not really a fan lol but it was nice of them to do it....
  8. by the way, each guitar has its own little story - other than the Tobacco Sheraton. I feel like I have started a home for abandoned guitars lol
  9. Hi Guys, this is for no other reason other than I finally set up a photobucket account. But I was flicking through my pics and found this one of my collection a year ago. I only really started collecting 2 years ago, and I'll admit Im not a connoisseur, but when I was young I always wanted an Epiphone, and now I guess Im just fulfilling that desire since this was taken I have added another J200CE, a Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, an other Epiphone G400 but next on my list is a project SG and a Traditional Gibson Les Paul
  10. lets try again.... this is the arm I just bought for a bargain
  11. Well it looks like an SG is the prime candidate - and I agree, Cherry Red all the way. bit of a shame about the vibramate, as Im naturally cautious and I hate the thought of drilling a guitar! in the mean time, Ive picked up a little bargain in one of these bad boys (was trying to post an image here - but the board says you cant post jpegs - really???? anyway, its an epiphone branded B5) not sure if its much worse than a Bigsby original, but I like the thought of keeping it as original as possible any experience of these??
  12. Brilliant ha ha - not an option I had considered!
  13. That is pretty sweet - both the one from Twang and from you JCWillow it really seems that the LP is the favoured vehicle for the ole Bigsby. I think it suits the guitar....but something is drawing me to the SG also...... damn it
  14. thanks supersonic - I'm actually going to give the vibramate system a go, so I'll probably use the B5 for either of them
  15. Well I like both guitars, but I actually like playing the LP better than the SG - but I far prefer the looks of the SG but either way, this is going to be a little project and I'll admit its more for looks than playability so what I was actually asking was, in your opinion, which Guitar looks cooler with a Bigsby attached? does that answer your question Brad1?
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