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  1. yea they are pretty sweet guitars, a friend of mine was recently in memphis and stopped in there store, the guy told him some story about how they came about....this could be totally wrong but from what I understand, there were a few guys that started reverend guitars,(not just joe nailer) then they split, one formed st. blues and one formed shecter im not positive but i think thats the story, all three brands do the import thing but to setups and installs in the u.s.
  2. sweeeeeet man uber good pics man, looks fun but i still need to wait for my local store to get em in so i can do a shoot out between it and the black heart......I wounder when Fender is gonna hop on the bandwagon
  3. Hey guys, this is great, now i realy have a decision to make by christmas.... Handsome Devil head, Valve Senior, or the Vox AC4 hhhhhmmmm, can one of you guys show my a gut shot of this little baby? let me see what shes made of thanks!
  4. damn man u buy gutiars like there going out of style huh? have you ever goten to play one of the metal tops LPs, if so any good?
  5. thats awsome , im a big t rex fan, and i also saw the faces on vh1 classics and ron wood was playn one , ove them to, i think i might end up gettin one of these and throwin some crazy electronics in it
  6. these look pretty sweet for the price, i like the zeimitis copy http://www.musictoys.com/guitar/guitars/alden.php
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