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  1. thanks alot m, can always count of you giving me some straight forward advice, I have herd of a place called Euro Tubes, and maybe another online dealer that is sapposed to be top notch, can u reccomend any other places?
  2. hey guys I just got a jet city 20 watt combo with tube driven reverb, i am thinkng about doin a retube and wanted to know what tubes are good to put in the reverb spot, do they make a big difference in tones gain exct.. thanks!
  3. hey guys i just picked up a jet city 20 watt combo at Sam Ash for $247 out the door!!!! thanks to memorial day sales, ( will post pics later when i get around a camera) buttt, my main question is It has a 16 ohm tap, and 2 , 8 ohm taps, i would like to plug my blackheart 16 ohm 1x12 into this with the speaker in the combo at the same time, so do i plug both speakers into the 8 ohm jacks?
  4. hey guys, my trusty VOX ad120vt has held up for about 6 years now with no complaints or problems, just recently it started having some issues with the sound cutting in and out and making some weird high pitch noise, so I tinkered a bit with it my self, replaced the tubes, reset the computer , and finally came down to when i wiggle the High input jack the noise cuts and and out and makes all that weird noise....so i cracked her open to have a look there is a HIgh and a Low input jack not to sure of what kind, but the low sems to be fine, they are both soldered to a circuit board that has 3 or 4 wires that come off and plug in to another circuit board its just that any movement of vibration ( wen the amp is cranked up loud) well set this thing off...i recently rigged it with a big washer to tightn the jack down a lil more and that helps but I Have looked all over the web and cant find any info on what type of jack it is to order and replace it, I have a friend who can do some electrical work so ill have him solder it in there save some $$$ from the amp dr. so any body got a clue as to where i can find a input jack for this guy?
  5. i went with others as well, I cant say for all the factors but I think one should start like.....Guitar, Amp, Experience........
  6. umm whats the GOTW stand for????? and when I contacted Gibby, they told me mine was 1 of 400 made as well, I sometimes see one or two up on the bay, but maybe if I hold on to it some day it will fetch a pretty penny
  7. best amp ever bought or owned so far was my Vox ad120vxt, 2x12(neo dogs) 120watts, hybrid tube/ss, the thing just screams and never did I ever have an issue with my tone with this amp and its a shame ......a damn shame that Vox discontinued them and started making there new crappy valetronixs with the metal grill, mine has the old blue diamond cloth, I think its a jem that alot of people dont know about, and finding them used is hard to do, i know ive looked to get another !!!!!, my only problem is if anyting goes wrong with this amp I dont know where to bring it to get it fixed, ive opened it up one time and its crazzzy in there! and on another note, all amps do have there place, when i first got into guitars back in the mid 90's my dad tryed to pick it back up and he went to get this the Musicians Friend store ( the one in new orleans was called this for about 2 years before it became a GC) and he got himself a nice little Rouge amp , its tweed , has a 12, and has real reverb tank in there ( i know because I would kick it for some super surf jamn) any who, it was a 2 cannel not sure of the wattage but the overdrive channel SUCKKED, sounded like a bad pedal i dunno, but the cleans channel........WOW i still have it and use it for that mainly recording and stuff but its one of the cleanest of the cleannnss I have ever heard out of an amp, and on another note, my sis works in Nashvegas for a few record companies, she brought some work friends down for mardi gras and they came to our apt and all i had down there was my lil danelectro honey tone amp, its like $15 4in tall and plasitc maybe has a 2 in speaker in it??? but i played for there sound eng, and one of the studio guit players, they fell in love with its tone , plugged the harp into..they freaked out...then its headphone out into my stereo system thats got 2 vintage kentwoods with 15's in em!!! and they realllly freaked out........I brought them to gutiar center and they both bought one I hate guitars and amps, because there so Dang many of em and u never know what will make your knees week and what will make your ears bleed until u try all of them!!!!!! so the quest continues
  8. hollllly mother of swithces! that would help me so much with my Riviera P93! i must look into this!
  9. ohhh me likey! thats some nice moddn there my friend, I havnt yet takn my pickguard off, can u tell me is it all hollow under there or is each pickup cut out? If i buy the other one i think im gonna do what u did except Im gonna go with some mini humbuckers
  10. hey Rich.....whats it look like now? how did or do you like those blade single coils? there a sunburst one like that for a really good price near me..........
  11. yea I dont know what im going to go with yet, I actually like them i think they are gibbys Neck Pickups: 490R Alnico magnet humbucker (Sames as the LP Supreme) Middle Pickups: 490R Alnico magnet humbucker Bridge Pickups: 490T Alnico magnet humbucker...i like em so it may be a while before i change em
  12. heres mine i love it, its an 08 fadded white
  13. BEWARE!! Full hollow body means FEEDBACK when the gain is cranked up, a huge misconception when most people want a casino, id go with the P-94 semi will let you get dirty and not have any problems, orrrr I would go with the P93 Riviera...oh wait I got one!
  14. i really like those tunners, where did you get them from? and I assume there pretty good? didnt know grover made those
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