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  1. Thanks everyone! I'll take it in to a trusted shop then.
  2. The AJ500R Masterbuilt. I love this guitar and will keep it forever. I play with a friend who has this big fat Guild and the AJ500R always stands it's ground. Anyway, it's starting to buzz all over on the E and A (not open, but fretted anywhere on the neck). I am not avery experienced player, and certainly not a do-it-yourself fixer. What can be causing this problem? Any quick fix? Is it a sign of a serious problem?
  3. Wow, that is exactly like mine except mine has a tortoise shell pick guard. Seeing that made me feel better because the serial number and made-in are the same as mine. Thanks! I'm new to this forum but this seriously rocks, everybody is cool, and helpful. Thanks all!
  4. Wow, so much great info from you all, I really appreciate it. The guitar sounds pretty good, and feels pretty good. I'm new to this style of guitar, and relatively new to electric guitars in general. But I think it lacks a little warmth that I hear in a borrowed Sheraton (not a Sheraton II) and even in dots that I've played. Of course I need to get it set up how I like, and then we'll see. My biggest concern was the lack of a sticker inside - the visual oddities added to my fear (slightly different "Epi" logo, lack of black on back of head, and the weird way the serial number is done). And I suppose when buying the guitar from a dude in a parking lot (via Craigslist) there is always that fear (nothing against you - dude in parking lot, if you're reading).
  5. Hi Everybody, Just looking for help determining if I bought a fake Sheraton II. I understand that the Epiphone Sheraton II is not the most logical guitar to fake, but I've heard that it happens. Details: - got it from Craigslist for $450 - great shape - it has serial number and "made in Korea" on back of neck - there is NO sticker inside (does that make it likely to be fake?) - I checked "Guitar Dater" and the serial number comes up with No matches Are there any good ways to tell if its fake or real? [Right, here are some pics, thanks Sledge 57...]
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