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  1. Yes A.Show, I still have my So Cal 50. I've been using a Marshall Haze 40 the last year but it just blew up last night so I'll be using the So Cal for my gig tonight. What kind of info were you looking for about it?

  2. Hey do you still come to this forum? Do you still have your socal 50? I'm looking for info on this amp and wondering if you can help me out.

  3. Sweet, TY for the reply. Sorry if I sounded frustrated in my previous reply. I use BOTH a Strat & Les Paul thru my So Cal, I usually just max out the bass control when I use the strat & back it off to approx 3/4 when I use the Paul. So I think I'd probably have to go with the c5 cap mod only. I also rarely ever turn the presence & treble over 50%, usually around 11:00. I also keep my Mid control about 10-11:00. It sounds better on the clean channel that way & with the contour knob at 100% it adds the mids back to the dirty channel. I also use a 12AT7 in the PI slot instead of a 12AX7. It takes a tad bit ( a very tiny tad, LOL) of gain away from the dirty channel but adds a little more "presence", not in a bright way but just more "alive" sounding if that makes sense. I might get brave & attempt this mod in the near future, I'm just worried about the draining the caps issue as well as getting it apart & back together again without breaking it, my computer never recovered when I tried "modding" it, LOL BTW, I'm in the Tampa area, Pasco County to be exact. I play in a band called LOSTNFOUND. Are you in a band, you mentioned gigging with the amp?
  4. This is what happens, guys come on here asking about the So Cal 50/BC 30 mods, do them, & then never come back to update the results or if they do come back then they aren't clear about what differences, if any, the mod makes on the So Cal. I am not brave or knowledgeable enough to try the mod on my So Cal but if I had a clearer idea of the difference it'd make I might give it a shot. Until then I'll read incomplete posts about others doing it...
  5. So what did you not like about both caps being cut? Too dark/dull? How would you describe the difference between the un-modded amp & the c5 cap mod? I would appreciate your impressions on sound difference on both channels & EQ control differences between the modded & un-modded amp.
  6. So did you just cut the c6 cap and kept the c5 or did you leave both cut?
  7. No, I have not been brave enough to try any of them on my So Cal 50 yet but I've been on these boards for over a year now and a few So Cal owners have talked about doing them but never seem to return with any results!!! Also the BC30 guys don't seem to reply very often when you ask them if they think their mods could be done on the So Cal. I am very curious as to what difference they'd make, especially the cap5 & cap6 (I think that was right) mods as the So Cal can be pretty bright sounding, particularly the clean channel. Please let me know what the result is if you do the mod!!!
  8. I found that "switch" to view all posts but it still appears many recent posts are gone!!! It appears that other than the posts from today the next earliest posts are from back in June!!! Apparently the Gibson forums were down the other day as well, that was the forum I got forwarded to last night from the main Epi site when I couldn't sign in here. I saw a msg from the Gibson moderator there. WTH?!?
  9. Well leave it to me to get "off topic"' date=' LOL!!! Me too Rafael, we're NEVER too old to learn, right? That's why I (and my bandmates) think I'm crazy for this new rig, much more crap to haul around and cables to plug in, etc...but it's all about the 'tone' and that's where my head is at now. All I know is it makes me want to play even more now!!! Same here, IF you can find a place that still hires live entertainment, so many clubs are cutting back and/or going to DJ's and Karaoke, YUCK!!! And what's funny is the economy hasn't hurt our crowds, at least for my bands, if anything our crowds are better and more responsive this year than in the past. I consider myself fortunate that so many people enjoy what we do and keep coming back with friends in tow!!! LMAO!!! Too funny!!! I feel the same way with the good 20 something y/o players in my area, all great 'kids', and they are into the older 'good' music, IMO. I have guitar magazines older than them and it makes me feel 'old' but then again, passing on the knowledge I have learned is even more essential as I get older. And my teenage students only reinforce that!!! Question? When you turned 50 did you start forgetting songs and stuff as bad as the last two 50 y/o players I've recently played with? Me and my other 42 y/o bandmate are worried we will succumb to the same 'ailment' when we gat that age, LOL!!! peace & tone, JoS
  10. No, I DO appreciate a great blues player and Michael Burke is definately one!!! And any good player with 'emotion' and 'feel' will be able to do a lot with a little, and again, in blues it translates better in that format than in Rock and Country, IMO. I don't think we actually are disagreeing, you seem very conscience of your sound(s) so you probably fall into the "good tone' catagory, of which I am NOT criticizing. Well thank goodness because Poison SUCKS!!! That being said I must now go take an antacid and practice "Talk Dirtry to Me" which I just learned in my one band for a very good friends b-day, Uuuugghh!!! That's what I'm going thru now with the So Cal, I LOVE the all-tube deal again and I'm now trying to find the balance between finding my own tones on the amp and still being able to at least roughly duplicate some sounds for certain songs; Boston: crank the midrange and add some chorus (yes my band does Boston because I have a singer who can actually sing it and a kybrdist who can do the Foreplay & Smokin' keys solos, I love my bandmates!!!) SRV: a little slap back delay and a cranked tube screamer (Bad Monkey in my case) Country: just add some compression on the clean channel And neither do I (especially since I use a 'clone' amp) but a boring player and boring sound is gonna be boring regardless. Again, I don't think you fall into that syndrome even though I've never heard you. Again, I 100% agree. It's all about what motivates and moves us as players/musicians...or what our budgets can handle, LOL!!! I just give my audience a little more credit because they tell me about hearing other bands and how they (&/or the guitar player) sounded 'bad'. Even I didn't think they were that aware. That OR my sounds are better than I think, LOL!!! JoS
  11. All it did for me was make me buy the So Cal 50 from Sweetwater instead and I'm glad I did. I'm still interested in the VSr. , more so now only because of it's 6V6 output section, but now I have a 2 channel all tube amp that I can (and have) do complete gigs with instead of a 'one trick pony'. I love my 'crunch' as much as the next guy but I also play just as much clean and prefer an 'uber-clean' sound when I do and the clean channel on the So Cal really delivers, very bright, present & full, even with EL34's. And if the VSr. had been available I'd have never discovered the joy of EL34 tubes after having only owned and played 6L6 equipped amps. I'm now sold on EL34's and the sounds they give me for Rock and Blues tones, THAT'S whats been missing in my life all these years, LOL!!! I just wish they'd have made the So Cal at 30w maximum like the BC30, the damn thing is L-O-U-D!!! JoS
  12. Sorry, I don't know the answer to your query appa69 but I read some of your other posts about the Blues Custom 30 where you referance the So Cal 50 and was curious if you owned the SC 50 or just need the info for your BC 30 mods? And the only thing I know about a choke on the So Cal is when I swallow my beer wrong standing next to it at rehersal, LOL Just curious what you thought of the So Cal if you owned it and/or whether you tried the EL34's or KT66's in your BC 30 yet? peace & tone, JoS
  13. And on the So Cal it is the opposite, looking at the amp from the rear, V1 is on the far left nearest the input jack. But since this is a head and you can access the tubes from the front then V5 is farthest left and V1 is far right nearest the jack. Which again makes sense as it is the BC 30 chasis flipped over. So it's just as easy to say that V1 on both these amps is nearest the input jack and count forward/backword from there. And now that I know V3 is the reverb input tube then I'll probably experiment and try the 12AU7 I now have in V5 there. Great, more tube rolling, just can't leave it alone, LOL!!! I may also put the V4 12AT7 in there and a balanced 12AX7 back in the PI slot although I seem to prefer the 12AT7 I have there now, it seems to make the amp a little more "alive", kinda subtle though. Also there doesn't seem to be much increase in gain on the gain channel between the 12AT7 and the 12AX7 in the PI slot of this amp although the clean channel seems to get atad 'edgier' eariler at the same volume setting than with the 12AT7. So thanks again Twanger and sorry for any confusion, I was just using 'Twang' as short for Twanger. I will make sure my lazy butt types the 2 extra letters next time, LOL!!! Seriously, thanks again and too everyone on this forum, it's always a pleasure to read posts from kewl reasonable people that are informative and fun, I've really learned quite alot from here!!! peace & tone, JoS
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