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  1. Hi JL and welcome to the forum. Problem with the bolt-on neck models is they used the same serial number for many guitars of the same model. Just my opinion, but if it plays well and sounds good, don't worry about where it was made, it's not important. Cheers, Brian
  2. It's a Casino - maybe an Elitist? Standard Casinos can be found used on Craigslist fairly regularly for ~$400.
  3. This video was embedded in another news item. Nice tone, even if you don't like CW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lfpjy65K3SE&feature=player_embedded#at=141
  4. Check eBay completed listings. All you need is a motivated buyer... \
  5. Hollow body Elitists are fetching big bucks these days. Elitist Sheratons and Broadways are up to near $2k and Byrdlands are around $2,500. Even used Elitist Dots are going for $1,000 to $1,200 or more on eBay. The Valensi with two P94s does seem like a fair new price, even if it's not made in Japan.
  6. There's a black one on eBay right now for a BIN of $888 + shipping: http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item27b84d7206 The current 12th Edition Blue Book of Electric Guitars values the Epiphone Country Gentelman II at $600 in 98% mint condition, although there is an Elitist model ELCG that it values at $2,000 at 98% mint. The BB also states that in 2006 it was renamed the Country Deluxe. The 2011 Vintage Guitar Price Guide shows the Elitist Country Gentleman at $1,000/$1,250 low/high condition. No listing in the VGPG for a non-Elitist version that I can find. I have seen actual sold Elitist prices (at least hollow bodies) far outstrip all book values on eBay recently. Nice guitar BTW, I'd grab it if it was local and the price was reasonable.
  7. No, you should do the mod at the back of the switch or vol pots as illustrated above. You could slpice it in at the pickup, but that would limit the pickups usefulness later on, and create an unecessary failure point.
  8. Goregeous guitar Elias. I like those exposed tuners too. I need to look into Hipshot more...
  9. An Airstream full of guitars and a coupla girlfriends sounds pretty good to me right now....

  10. Kai, sending something out to the UK today. What is you last name?

  11. I have an Epiphone Orville EO-1SB (sunburst) with the same headstock, paid $200 used. They were made in Korea as indicated on the soundhole label. It's a decent entry-level student guitar. I take it on business trips sometimes because of t it's small size. I tried to get my diminutive adult next-door neighbor to buy it, she's a beginner taking lessons. But her all-knowing guitar teacher recommended a Seagull 000 type instead. Yesterday I recut the nut on that thing and put Elixers on it for her. It's an OK beginner guitar, but my E0-1 plays and sounds better IMHO. Oh well, I don't mind keeping it, It's good to have around. Anyway, this is the thread that has the most info about it: http://forum.gibson....47797-epi-logo/ Cheers Acoustic and welcome to the forum.
  12. I finally figger'd out why you keep calling me M8! Doh!
  13. Well if Gibson kept better records and made them easily available - like GUILD does: http://www.guildguit...uild_dating.php Then there wouldn't be a need for the Guitardater Project....
  14. I think he meant 50 of the ones with his unusual headstock script.
  15. Mats, pretty much the whole Sheraton II history is contained in this link: http://www.thefret.n...read.php?t=9052 That's the general conclusion about these guitars, but many folks are happy with them stock. Maybe it just needs some maintenance, it is 20+ years old after all. Check the DIY thread at the top of the lounge page. Cleaning pots is relatively easy - completely rewiring a semi-hollow body guitar is fairly involved.
  16. That's going to be a tough one - the country of origin is at the beginning of the number, then usually the year, month, day, and unit no. All I can say is that it was probably unit no. 1235 that year. It also could have been made on December 11, or November 12. The rest is probably lost for good unless there are any other clues with the paperwork or on the back of the pickups....
  17. Hey Sheila, how's it goin'? Haven't heard from you in a while. Didja get the Jr. sorted? e-mail me, I can't get PMs on the new forum for some reason.

  18. Hey TWANG, whatever you think is fair for the Grovers. I'd rather have them with buttons, so I can use the spares on a Cigar Box Guitar or something. Let me know.

  19. Duane, I have exactly 5 messages in my inbox - all from Animalfarm complaining that my inbox is full! LOL!

  20. hey Duane,I've been trying to PM with several other memebrs but they get error messages when trying to ping me. I've disabled Comment and Friend approval but still no go. Any guidance?

  21. All fixed.

    I think...

  22. I've received all the aforementioned swag (except the legendary and elusive bumper sticker) on the P93, LP Special, and IBJL Casino I bought new from Musician's Friend. I bought an amp and drum machine from Sweetwater and it was an A+ customer experience. I'd love to buy guitars from Sweetwater - their customer service is superb - but MF runs those occaisional 15% off deals (including used and returns) that make it impossible to resist. MF is the Amazon of on-line guitar stores and GC is the Wal-Mart. (Except Midi's LV store, that one is the exception!)
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