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  1. Yeah it's fake, send it to me and i'll dispose of it properly. Love the Riviera and hope you do too pal
  2. Beat me to cheaky things. I like it except for the maple fretboard but hope you enjoy it because its what you think that matters most
  3. Are right, thanks for clearing that up for me. Tbh i'd rather see pics of guitars with all the gear (amps,pedals etc) but that does look nice
  4. i notice alot of people take photo's of their guitars outside, is their really any point in this? I've seen pictures of it done when its been very heavily snowing surely it can't do the wood any good. BTW you've got a nice pair;)
  5. Have you seen the pose in the photo in the wall, she looks very mad at him
  6. where bowts in yorkshire pal. Dont know much bowt the music stores in leeds but wakefields are awful. PMT on kirkstall road in leeds is a big recomend
  7. How are they barely famous over here? They are very famous over here. Their 1st album went to #3 and sold 3.6million copies, their 2nd album went to #1 and their latest album went to #2. Back on topic i dont have any signed guitars but like DizzyFingers said Anybody writes on my guitar, they in fo a heap o trouble...
  8. this decade has produced some real quality bands and albums but alot of rubbish is getting through. And thanks to simon cowell and chums its gonna get worse but as long as their are people like us who don't listen to that crap then great music will live on.
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