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  1. Sorry guys, I am sure I am not the first one asking this, but......... What is going on? When did this change happen?

    1. duane v

      duane v

      We switched over to a new froum platform

  2. I already play a bit of guitar, and I am thinking on taking up the bass also. Could anyone recomend a decent learning program or websites? I would appreciate any info regarding strings, scale, bass brands, etc.... Kinda weird there is not more threads pertaining to bass questions. Thank you in advance.
  3. Lets say I have two Gibson 490R pick ups. One comes with a single conductor wire, and the other has a four conductor wire. Both the are the same pick up, but w/different conductor wirings. (one you can split, and not the other) Will the fact that each have different conductor wirings affect the tone when installed? Does the difference in conductor wiring cause them to sound different, even when they are the same kind of pick up?
  4. I'm having a brand spanking new harness that Twang built for me installed, and changing pickups. I'm leaning towards having it installed in the neck and not the bridge. The 498t is pretty hot as it is.
  5. Listen to your favorite guitar players, and check out their gear.
  6. I am going to use a pair of Gibson 490r/498t, with .022 400v caps, and 500k pots.
  7. Hmmmm..... 50s wiring. Tell me more.
  8. I have a 490r and 498t set that I am about to have fitted in a LP Stnd, along with one of Twang's wiring harnesses. I think that this set of pick ups is pretty high on the treble already, and could benefit from rolling off the volume a bit to tame the highs. I'm still debating on whether having installed or not. I was thinking about leaving the bridge without it and using the treb bleed mod on the neck.
  9. I have been communicating with a member of the forum regarding this topic. I just wanted to to see what you guys in the forum think about Treble Bleeds for a two-humbucker axe. i.e. Les Pauls. I just wanted to know if anyone has a Treble Bleed Mod in their guitar, and how do they like it. Also, if there's any advantages or not, to having the modification done.
  10. I prefer EB 10-46 Regular Slinkys in my SG instead of 9s. It is all personal choice, but it is nice to know that Im not the only one that noticed the heavier bottom strings giving the SG a nice tone. I'm prob set with 10s for the SG. I wont experiment with 11s on this guitar.
  11. Faded.... What??? I'm oblivious to what you are referring to. I dont think I was part of that discussion.
  12. Good advice, Musikron, Thank you. Now that you mention it.... I think the pickup selctor switch is scratchy when switching. Hmmmm.... The neck is definetly much stronger than the bridge. They are both original 490r/490t in a four knob SG special. I'm gonna keep playing with it, and see (hear) what happens. This axe has not been played in about three years. Who knows what is going on?? Thanks again sir for you reply.
  13. I never got anything with my Lp Stnd. I'm sticker-less. I won't be able to sleep now.........
  14. Could it be something with the wiring of the guitar?? Any1?
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