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  1. http://www.thomann.de/gb/epiphone_paul_weller_1964_casino.htm No pictures yet but... Epiphone Ltd Ed Paul Weller "1964" Casino, Semi-Acoustic, 5-ply maple body, mahagony neck, rosewood with parallelogram inlays, thomann 22 frets, scale: 628 mm, 2 Alnico Gibson P90 pickups, chrome hardware, Farbe Vintage Sunburst (aged gloss) Sounds intriguing! Love Weller's Casino...
  2. The original point of this point was really to discuss the fate of 60s inspired models (mainly Sheraton, Casino, Riviera, Sorrento) as Epiphone start to reissue more 60s accurate models. I've played some Matsumoku and Peerless Hollobodies that were just ok... I've played amazing ones. No doubt you can find a good Chinese hollowbody and if it was a choice between something vaguley like a 60s Casino and one with more 60s specs, I know what I would go for.
  3. You might be part of the wiki team but you were wrong about the serial numbers... And nothing has been proven about the origin of ALL the guitars although it would be strange for a limited run to be split over two factories. Interesting that such a new model has big inconsistencies. You'd think ALL new Epiphones should have a "Made in [country]" sticker and serial number. I know where all my Epiphones (I own 8) were made and it would make me somewhat dissatisfied to have a mystery in my possession.
  4. With the success that they've had with the Inspired By John Lennon Casinos it would be a good move if they were affordable. The JL Junior is extortionate...
  5. Still recovering from a mammoth week of gigs, drinking, lack of sleep etc... Firstly, thanks to Rabs for taking on this project. His perfectionism and attention to detail made him the perfect man for the job and I can say that the guitar itself is perfect! Lovely personality and pleasure to meet. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his skills and couldn't be happier with my guitar! Secondly, thanks for all the kind words RE the band. We have a FB page too: www.facebook.com/thembeatles Edlo, the Fab Four are fantastic and probably the best in the business. Liverpool Legends are good but not in my Top 5. Gav, who plays George in The Fab Four, was at our show in the Philharmonic and generously informed me that he rated it 9.5/10 so hopefully one day we'll be as good as they are! We've only been together 4 years but so far so good. Me and Gav: Will get the footage and pics to Rabs ASAP but for now here is a pic of the guitar on stage at the Phil:
  6. This will be interesting! Cool idea.
  7. If we're talking about straight comparisons, then yes, like for like is a fair method. But my question isn't about the quality between same models, but rather desirability. In future, if people are after a standard model, I fully expect them to seek the cheapest or best quality, which in my opinion is korean, or for those who want to buy new: chinese. However, as an epiphone fan, if I was in the market for an entry level epiphone hollow body now I would prefer the more specialised chinese models over the questionable lineage of the korean models. In My Opinions The '61 and JL casinos are more like THE CASINO than the korean casinos and well worth the small amount of extra money Same with the 62 Sheraton and Sorrento over the Samick and Peerless models Same with the chinese Rivieras with mini humbuckers over the full sized korean rivieras. This is the point I'm trying to get across. Even the 335, 345 and 355 are, in theory, closer to the intention than the dot. Quality is an issue that doesn't always affect first time buyers or buyers of new guitars... at this price point, they can all be improved upon. The bottom line for me now is that Epiphone are offering more attractive options to buyers than the standard range offered by korean production which will eventually put the korean models in a bit of a shadow. Essentially the korean models are reimagined versions of classic hollowbodies. I think over time they will be considered as novel variations whereas the chinese reissues will form part of a cannon epiphone are trying to reclaim, reaching back to the 60s.
  8. dporto - the question here is more to do with the impact of better chinese models on the price and desirability of korean models. Second hand BS or not, used korean epiphones do sell up in the regions of brand new chinese versions when talking about a standard models. But with the new line of 60s styled models, I think these new chinese guitars will start to trump the korean models and see the price of korean standard guitars fall, something that is worth discussing among people who purchase epiphone guitars... Your generalisations, while partly true, are instinctively known to everyone who buys an epiphone, but hasn't really added to the converation, as they are not always true when put into practice. I have never bought a brand new epiphone. I have bought 10-20 second hand and I have never sold one for less than I bought it for. More often than not I have made a decent profit on all my epiphone sales and people continue to sell them profitably on ebay every day which flies in the face of the low expectations of your bottom line conclusion. Yeah they're not Gibsons, but this is an Epiphone forum so relatively speaking it is worth discussing the differences in quality and desirable within the Epiphone market, even just for our own amusement and knowledge.
  9. I just put a bid in for a friend's 1997 Peerless Epiphone Casino which maybe proves that the korean second hand market will still thrive as Chinese guitars become the norm. But if I was a 17 year old again, first time buyer. I would be buying an Inspired By John Lennon Casino or a 62 Sheraton...
  10. I do love the Peerless Casinos. My first Casino was a 1997 Peerless Casino and I'm thinking about buying another one now. One of the reasons this thread came about because the seller was giving it the usual "better than the Chinese Casinos" but as myself and the seller are both Beatles fans, we both know that you can pick up a second hand IBJL Casino for £500 or less. There was one selling in my city a couple of weeks ago for £450 and the Peerless Casino is also selling for £450 which got me thinking. I only want that Peerless Casino for sentimental reasons but I know for the same money I can get one of equally good build and better electronics which is more accurate to a 60s style Casino than the Peerless one and would have better resale value. That being said, I have owned Peerless, Saein, Samick and Unsung Epiphones. Dots, Dot Deluxe, Casinos, Sheratons, Rivieras and I have never been unhappy with the quality. But compared to the newer trend of Chinese 60s tribute models, I think they are aesthetically less pleasing.
  11. Do you think the new trend of Chinese made Epiphones, inspired by their originals, will make the previously championed Korean models from Samick, Peerless and Unsung factories become less desirable? I wouldn't be as keen to go out and buy a Korean Casino, Sheraton, Riviera or Sorrento now knowing for a bit extra I can get a much more faithful replica of the 60s model that originally had its name. Not saying that I would rule it out completely as I like the Korean stuff, especially the peerless hollowbodies, but I'd be reluctant to pay the prices they were going for 5 years ago, now. It wasn't uncommon for one of those to go for £450+ when Epiphone moved exclusively to China but now you can find 61 and IBJL Casinos as well as the new reissues selling for less than £600. If Epiphone flood the market with their "new and improved" 60s styled hollowbodies, will it make the korean versions seem like inaccurate novelties of a bygone era? I think so...
  12. Don't think there in the shops yet. Pre-order only. Love the cherry and sunburst...
  13. Absolutely love the look of the Sorrento and having a Gibson Es-225t and a few Casinos, I know when I eventually pull the trigger I'm gonna love it. I've been *this* close to buying one on 3 occasions but either forgot to bid or hesitated too long... I'd like a '97 VSB to match my Casino, Riviera and EJ-160e! Get some pictures up!!
  14. Great thread comes to fruition! Got to love the internet sometimes... :) Let us know how you get on!
  15. The USA versions came like this: Sheraton: Sheraton II Epiphone JLH Sheraton II
  16. On the other hand the USA models are sweeet!!! Two of the nicest epiphones I've ever seen. They did an Elite Sheraton as well that was gorgeous
  17. Hello,

    Thanks for the kind comments. We have played in Cardiff's St David's Hall and in Cwymbran (sp?) in the last couple of months but probably won't be back until next year.

    The picture i found on the internet but having trouble locating the original. Various searches have come up with nothing but if I can find it I'll send you a link!


  18. I play my unsung casino in my band anmd it holds up great. needed a little tweak with the intonation and could do witha new nut and set up but just as sturdy as any other guitar i've played live. good guitars for the money.
  19. I've never played one I'm afraid. Just aesthetically not so much my thing. I do buy quite a lot of guitars but if I don't take a liking to one or I find myself not playing one of them so much I do normally end up selling it because I could never afford to keep them all!
  20. [edit] Incredible that I was just talking about this yesterday and today I found on on ebay at the cheapest BIN i've ever seen. They've stopped making this model and to top it all of it's called a Clarkesville! I just bought one of these today so I'll let you know what it's like when it arrives. I'm not so keen on the alden metal guitars but some of their classic versions look great (roseland and western star). If I need to do some mods so be it but I just think this looks great!
  21. Never played one but I've been chasing a 12 string Alden Getsch-alike for about a year as I've been told the quality is great for the price. I think the fact a british guitar maker has been snapped up by an american company for the american market says a lot about their quality. Under the directive of the man who designs and originally made the pick ups even though they're made out east. I think they're supposed to be very similar in quality to eastwood and they're not exactly cheap.
  22. Straplocks aside, I can't see anywhere else it could go. I don't use straplocks but if I did I'd use the old bottle top washer thingys. They're cheap and there's no protuding!
  23. Possibly the reason Peter Doherty (libertines) wanted one so badly? Big small faces fan. He's had at least two batwing headstock coronets, an olympic and has been seen with a few casinos in recent times as well as a granada. #
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