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  1. Nice score! I'd love to have one of those! Congrats!
  2. Sure it's not electric but that can be remedied. ;)
  3. I'd like to add pics but my camera was stolen recently in a break in of the apt I was living in at the time. I have sinced moved and am saving up for a new one. I am pretty sure most folks on this forum know what an Epi Special II looks like. ;) Now that being said, after a string change to Ernie Ball Super Slinky's this guitar is really nice to play! I do find the pickups sound a little harsh but lowering them seems to help. I am thinking of some pickup upgrades already. ;) Also as to be expected the tuners are pretty cheap but they work. The guitar stays in tune pretty well even with a lot of string bending. I do like the black hardware. It really goes well with the wine red colour. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of this guitar. It's certainly worth modding. For an amp I am using a tiny little generic practice amp with a 5-6 inch speaker. It works ok for clean tones but the overdrive is nasty and unusable. Eventually I will be also upgrading to a better amp. The Fender Champion 20 looks pretty good. I play mostly blues and jazz so I don't need a high gain amp.
  4. After a few days of surfing the local online buy & sell site looking for a cheap used LP Special or JR a lovely wine red LP Special II appeared for sale. Not a bad deal including a cheap well used gigbag and a couple of straps. This particular guitar dates to 2008 and other than having to do a quick and easy action and truss rod adjustment it's in near mint shape with hardly any wear on the all black hardware. It has a really nice feeling neck and a pretty heavy solid mahogany body. The pickups are nicely matched in volume and both controls and switch work perfectly. Right now I am playing it through a small practice amplifier and it sounds great! I haven't had an electric guitar in a couple of years and for me this was a nice deal. I'm really happy with my purchase. :)
  5. so it looks like the specs were changed from laminate to solid top. Darn if I'd known that I'd have bought a new one.... I know someone who has an older model EJ-200 and it sure did not sound like a solid topped guitar to me. I need to go see if I can find a more recent one to try out.
  6. Cool, I was also unsure if they were solid or laminate. Thanks for the info. I thought that they were advertised as having "Select spruce" tops? I must admit that the EJ-200's I have tried didn't really overwhelm me. They are nice looking guitars though. I was always under the impression that the EJ-300 had the solid spruce top. Are the EJ-200 Artist series also solid?
  7. From what I understand the EJ-200 never had a solid top. It was always laminate. Contrary to what Musician's Friend advertises. Even on the Epiphone website it advertises the EJ-200 Artist as having a "select maple" top.
  8. Sadly from what I read it's true but there are quite a few on eBay and so forth. I think you can still get them at MF or some other online music shop.
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