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  1. hurm, from my tought, play sitting is more comfortable and clean then standing. strap not effect ur play. and 1 more things you will not look cool when strap the guitar too high. just be like slash! its cool!
  2. hurm, from what i read here. i just finded that marshall is brilliant for epiphone les paul and MG series are sux! so i need more cash form marshall. how about Line 6?
  3. I'm actually really don't know what type of amp i need to buy. i just only want a amp with 20 watt with reasonable price and very compitable with les paul. Can you all give me tips or suggestion. reasonable mean under 130 u.s dollar. thanks.
  4. hurm, in malaysia i bought it for Rm2200. if you also from malaysia you can contact me. i can get you better price for this.
  5. i just wondering you can bring up new topic in epiphone forums. the topic i think can put in is player talent where the player(les paul guitarist) can put thier videos in this topic for view. we can change our mind about our play there.
  6. its look real epiphone al.. by the way, the fake issues start in 2007 and made from china. the original quality also so poor ...
  7. here my new epiphone les paul standard plus top i bought from swee lee(authorized dealer) and please tell if this fake or original...
  8. thanks to all your truthfully advise. btw, i just refund back that guitar and buy new one from the swee lee. the official dealer.
  9. i have surveid all this web page. the shipping so 0.0!!! 150dollar! omg! half of the guitar price!
  10. im very thanks to you all who help me much. but the guitar sound i think good lowh. im weird maybe this seller ia a great replica seller.haha! And the best think is the seller said he will refud money back if im not satisfied with this epiphone. in my country not many guitar shop sell this particular guitar. so sad.
  11. hurm, like i need to refund my money back from the seller... im heard someone said that fake don't come with box. but this guitar come with box.. so weird. im very dizzy now! argh!
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