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  1. I have an Epiphone SG Special that is one of the nice ones....I put Mean 90's in both neck & bridge and it sounds 110% better than those crappy humbuckers. The Mean 90's have the best tone and although not a "true" P90, they do have a pleasing and useable tone. I had a set of Seymour Duncan hot rodded humbuckers in the guitar. But I really do not like the tone of humbuckers...way too dark, fat, thick and suck when you try to record. Just my 2 cents....
  2. Hi, I posted back in January about the Epiphone SG Special I found at Guitar Center in town. I was wandering around and happened to notice behind some other guitars, a little dark black cherry red SG sitting there....Anyway I traded a Tele copy for it and it is one great guitar. I was never a fan of the Specials, but this one is mighty fine. I did replace the pickups a few weeks ago with a set of Seymour Duncan hot rodded humbuckers. I put 'em in myself and what a TONE MONSTER!!!! There's an SH-2 Jazz in the neck and an SH-4 in the bridge. A PERFECT combination. I was mulling over what pickups I was going to get. I didnt want anything too hot or too "regular" sounding. I wanted pickups with a little more high end. These did the trick. The stock neck pickup was OK but still a little too muddy for my tastes. So after researching for a few days I decided to go with the Duncans. The tone is beautiful...nice, clear and more high end. Actually this is my favorite guitar. I also have a Gibson SG Special with P90's and an Epiphone Junior with a single dog ear P90. Sometimes I play my Jay Turser JT 130 semi hollow body. and I have an Xaviere LP clone......but my little Special is always on the guitar holder right next to my desk. I have a Fender Super Champ XD right by my side for those emergency "Gotta play" times. Anyway here is a little pic of the modded SG......sorry for the tiny size....
  3. I went to the store tonight and brought one of my guitars with me to see about the possibility of a TRADE for something else. I had a nice Telecaster copy that I don't use much anymore. So I went inside to see what was on display. I looked around and this little Epiphone SG caught my eye. It was the color that attracted me to it. It was a very dark maroon. It looked really nice and shiny. So I picked it up and saw it was a "Special" for $169 US. I figured for that price I probably should go check out the G-400 across the room. So I took the Special and walked over to a Fender amp. The same model I have at home, the Super Champ. I dialed in my favorite tone on amp, plugged the little guy in and WOW! I couldn't believe the sound, feel, and quality of this guitar! I have seen other Specials before and they were nowhere near as nice as this one. I guess the factory makes some A+ models if you are lucky enough to find them. The color is a rich, very dark red/maroon...with black open coil pickups. I never liked the open coil look, but the deep red finish of the guitar and the black pickups look really cool together. Even with the stock strings, they feel like 9's....it stayed in tune, and sounded totally fantastic. So after chatting with the salesman They took my Tele copy in trade in exchange for the SG!!I have 2 other SG's, A Junior with P90, and a Gibson SG Special with P90's....I guess you can never have too many SG's. The pick guard is a smallish one and one strange thing I noticed was the tone control also acts as a "Kill switch". I saw this round paper tag around the knob and read it. It said to "push the knob" to kill the output. I have no idea the purpose of that and will probably just ignore it. I tried it out and I guess it has some function. But I dont need it. The tuners are the usual cheap-O kind but the guitar seems to stay in tune fine. And the thing that amazed me the most.....the STOCK PICKUPS sound GREAT!!! I replace pickups on all my guitars....but this little beauty sounds perfect the way it is! Especially the bridge...incredible...not shrill.....perfect!!! Nice growl thru my tube amp. Both pickups together sound nice and round and chunky. The neck is just a tad bit muddy but not bad. I MAY replace that one with something with a little more high end. Not sure yet what to look for. So I am very happy and overjoyed that I found this nice guitar!!! I have been skeptical about some of the newer Epi models. But this guitar has proven that Epi still make quality guitars. Even the action is perfect! I might not even change the crummy strings yet! It plays like butter. And feels good to hold.....I wasn't expecting to make out like this tonight when I walked in that store!
  4. Hello, I picked up this guitar today for a song....however there is NO identification in any way! It is a Les Paul clone heavily modified....Gibson tuners, roller bridge, push-pull phase switching for pickups which look like maybe GFS "hot rails" type. It has a SWEET tone and nice feel...a great guitar to take out to open mics etc. Here are some pics if anyone can help identify it....the headstock has some kind of plate missing cause there are 2 small screw holes....the truss rod cover gone....the fret board has these split diamond shapes.....and the lower horn is pointy....set neck.....NICE finish.....body is a thin line.......the guts have been replaced with orange caps and new wiring......new pots......well can anyone give me a clue to what it may be? The guy said it was an Xaviere but I couldnt find a match on their website.....he claimed it is an "xv 700" but I looked on Youtube and none of the people playing xv 700 guitars look like mine.....then I thought maybe it's an Agile????? Those fret markers may be a dead giveaway but I just cant place them to a certain brand........?????????????????????????????? HELP! CLICK ON THUMBNAILS for bigger view!
  5. The dog ears are not mounted in a cavity like soapbars....they are mounted directly on the body of guitar, I think sometimes there may be a thin shim in there too. The covers are obviously different but in my own opinion I get a much better tone with my SG Jr. with the dog ear P90. As for the Epi LP Special SC it just seemed like a cheap guitar that had no character. I have seen other real Gibson Juniors in TV yellow and the finish although the guitars were old, still was decent. But the Special's TV yellow finish looked very cheezy and slapped on. The neck and frets were not bad. Neck has a nice feel to it.....frets were smooth and seemed OK.....my main complaint was the TONE. The neck pickup had the best tone....but the bridge and bridge/neck together didnt sound ANYTHING like what a Gibson or OLDER Epiphone would sound like. It sounded like one of those cheep DEAN guitars in the bargain rack. It is like a really low end Epiphone, just built a little better. Definitely not worth the price they are asking! If you closed your eyes and held and played it, you would swear you had one of those LP specials that sold for $129 with the crappy humbuckers. You CAN'T BEAT the old Epiphones.....my 2 SG Jrs. are 1997 models and are much better physically and tone-wise compared to whats is being sold today.
  6. I went to the local GUITAR CENTER to check out the LP Special SC. They had one TV yellow guitar on a stand in front of store. So I picked it up and took it to a Fender amp to try out. My first impression was how well made it was....nice hefty feel. I did notice the finish was terrible though. The paint job was pretty lame and you could see the wood grain right under it. The yellow finish was weak looking.... So I plugged it in and played for about 1/2 hour. The neck pickup sounded best....the neck and bridge wasn't too bad and the bridge was way too tinny and thin. I was comparing the sound to my own SG juniors which have the dog ear P90. I prefer the SG tone way more. The LP special had a nice sound but too generic and the stock P90's do not sound anything like the ones I have on my 2 epi juniors. I think the dog ear style P90's have a better tone all around. This LP special seemed like one of the Epi LP specials with the humbuckers....too low end sounding for my $379. It is a nice, well made guitar, but loses ground quickly with the crappy finish and the neutered sounding pickups. I wonder if the cherry finish is a better choice? I am wondering if replacing the stock pickups would help? If I had to, I would more than likely prefer the cherry finish and replace the pickups. But not for $379.
  7. Hi, I have been reading about coil tapping here and there and I am really curious. OK I have a Gibson SG Special with humbuckers.....I also have an Epi LP CLassic with GFS Mean 90 P90's in it.....and I also have two Epi SG Juniors with the dog ear P90's....I have been playing the SG juniors pretty exclusively now both at home, recording and at gigs. I get alot of compliments on the tone and "bite' the guitar has. People have now associated ME with the SG Jr! Anyway I have found that the P90 pickup is for me....I love the tone....so much that I had P90's installed on my beautiful LP Classic. It gives that guitar a WHOLE NEW SOUND while still retaining that classic LP tone.....but less bassy and more mids/highs....just what I like. OK so my question is I am looking at buying a G-400 just to add to my SG collection. Coil tapping comes into mind because I still want the tone of humbuckers, but I also want a thinner "p90" sound without having to replace anything. Since P90's are single coil but have bigger magnets therefore giving the great tone they are known for.....buy coil tapping a humbucker, isnt that going to give you a weird tone? One half of a humbucker???? I never played a coil tapped guitar and the videos on Youtube just dont give you the real true tone. So I am really looking for the best of both worlds by coil tapping the G-400. But is it worth it money-wise and tone-wise? Thanks
  8. Hello, I just picked up another Epiphone SG Junior with dog ear P90. I noticed some little differences comparing it to the one I bought 6 months ago. The first thing I noticed was it has NO SERIAL NUMBER!!! There is the round sticker on back of headstock. But no number. My other SG junior has serial number on the metal plate that bolts neck onto body. Also I noticed that top bevel on guitar, the edge that, when holding it, is closest to you chest area is narrower than my other sg's bevel. And it looks like the NECK was replaced because there's a scuff mark on back where neck meets pocket. But guitar is a real nice player and sounds good. The finish on the guitar I bought yesterday is much nicer than my other one.....some of the Epi SG's have that striping goin' on on the finish on front. This other guitar is a deeper cherry color with no striping and a shinier coat. I am wondering if the neck is an Epi neck and the body is something else???? I will post some pictures tonight comparing the 2 guitars. So I have a guitar with a neck with no serial number, and a body who's finish does not resemble any Epi SG juniors I have ever seen. Maybe the serial number was on the ORIGINAL metal chrome plate and if and when neck was replaced, they used a PLAIN metal plate with nothing on it. But to close your eyes and play it you would swear it was a Gibson. Neck is straight. and guitar has replacement Grover tuners. Overall condition is very good, minimal scratches, nice shiny finish. I am thinking this is an Epiphone neck on some other body from another company?????
  9. Hi, There's a nice Epiphone Les Paul Junior (black) for sale locally but it has a WHITE dog ear P90. I have never seen white on these models, always black. Is the white cover just a fluke or special run? I am trying to get a hold of seller (on Craigslist) to make an offer cause I want the guitar. The white P90 intrigues me though! Any ideas??????
  10. Does anyone have more DETAILS about the new LP uniors coming out by Epiphone this Spring 2010???? I did search online but found nothing. The local Guitar Center in town here has ONE MORE Epi Les Paul Junior w/ humbucker left in sunburst!!! I am going there tomorrow to grab it, cause its the last one for $119!!!!! That should hold me over till Spring!!!! I played that guitar last Sunday and it plays great and looks nice...I am gonna replace the humbuckers with a GFS Mean 90 bridge pup....the BLACK one!!!! It looks like a nice real P90 only a little wider but will look cool on that guitar. I hope that guitar is still there!!!!
  11. I had picked up a NICE Epi LEs Paul Classic last Winter......it was totally stock....the sound was "OK" but I needed better definition and clarity. So I got a set of GFS Vintage 59's....It made a noticeable difference.....But I soon found something was lacking.....So I took out my Washburn Semi hollow body.....that one also had GFS Vintage 59's in it, but that guitar sounded MUCH BETTER......So time went on and I realized I just didnt like the sound of the LP...what bothered me most was it was TOO BASSY and when you added a little gain, it would slightly "fuzz out"...the sound was cheap...playing clean was fine, just pushing it with a little Overdrive muddied it up, a problem I didnt have with my Washburn. It must be the wood or design of the LP I am not sure. After playing my little SG junior with a P90, I FINALLY found the sound I have been searching for. So I ordered a set of MEAN 90's and had them installed in the LP....also had guitar all set up and everything adjusted. It SOUNDS 100% BETTER with the P90's.....I play thru a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with the gain on overdrive channel on about 4.5, and volume knob on guitar about 1/2 way and the sound is NICE!!!! I get plenty of volumn and that nice growly crunch without the "fuzz"....and if I need more output, just turn the volumn knob up a hair!!!! I couldnt get this with a solidstate amp and humbuckers....too messy sounding. I say the GFS pickups are great for what I need them for and they helped me bring out my Lp again. As a matter of fact I am making P90's my staple pickups now. Humbuckers are OK for a clean signal for my style, but if I wanna little BITE the P90's always come thru....
  12. Yes, as well as many others......it is really too bad.....over the past weekend I was lucky enough to get to see and play a couple of pre-2000 les paul juniors. The quality control in my opinion was BETTER then, the guitars were BETTER then. I also made a trip to a few guitar centers and saw a NEW LP junior with humbucker for sale for $119.......I played it and was really surprised that it sounded good and played well. The Les Paul and SG Juniors were good guitars and now they are in demand. You can';t buy them anymore unless you get a good used one. The newer Epiphones, whatever the model are not made as well and you have to modify them anyway to sound good. I have a 1997 SG junior with dog ear P90.....NEEDS NOTHING.....it is a VERY WELL MADE guitar. I looked ALL OVER for an older LP junior.........even the ones with the humbuckers......not many around. The ones I did see on Craigslist were averaging about $75 apiece for a used one. With humbucker. The P90 ones....forget it! There are very few. And one guy is asking $250!!!!!! I compared a NEW Epi Les Paul Custom and an Agile, similar model......the Agiles are made much better and really don't need any mods. Well I guess you get good ones and bad ones regardless of manufacturer. There is a GLUT of Epi LP Standards out there selling for around $300 to $350.....I have an LP Classic and REPLACED the pickups with Humbucker sized pseudo P90's........MUCH BETTER. So Epiphone, PLEASE think about the LP and SG juniors.....we WANT them!!!!
  13. Hello, I had my Epi LP Classic worked on and got nice new GFS Mean 90's put in. I also had the guitar completely detailed....adjusted everything to perfection....individual pickup pole screws each adjusted so all the strings are equal output. Neck slightly adjusted, everything....I had posted last week of a problem with the overdriven sound being to "fuzzy"....well we went back to shop and made some minor adjustments to pickup height....and action....seems to behave better. I think strings were a tad too low. However we did notice that the neck pickup is still a little bassy. When playing the bridge pickup, or both together, the tone is fine, but the neck is still a little thick. My question is can I replace the TONE POT/CAP for the NECK? And what value would I need to bring out more treble? I am getting so close to the pefect sound. This guitar is so nice....feels good to hold and plays beautifully. I think it is way better than some of the high end Gibsons I have checked out in the store. :-
  14. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Classic and put a set of GFS Mean 90 pickups in it, had the guitar set up completely, even adjusting individual pole screws for even string output. The guitar had a set of GFS Vintage 59's which replaced the stock uncoverd pups. But I didnt like the overly bassy tone even with the 59's. I have a set of 59's in my semi hollow body and they are great sounding. But the LP was too bassy. So here is my own evaluation of Mean 90's in an Epi Les Paul..... First, the bassiness has been reduced on neck pickup and the middle position (both pups)....The tone on bridge is a little thin, but can be equalized on amp. Not bad for leads.....I am using a Fender hot rod deluxe with upgraded tubes and speaker. One thing I noticed right away is I dont have the SNARL was expecting. I tried playing with amp and using bridge pickup and can get a happy medium. I also noticed that I don't have to turn up gain on amp much past 2 in order to get a nice growl. If I turn ther amp up much past 2 it still sounds too 'fuzzy' for me....I am still new using a tube amp and I don't think I am setting something right. I have seen comments of people saying they had these pickups and there was a slight 'strat-like' tone.....I didnt notice that at all. I am still undecided if I REALLY like these pickups or not......on the plus side, they did cut down on the overly bassy tone......but negatively, I still can't get the warm tube slight overdrive tone that I can get with my Epiphone SG junior....the one with dog ear P90....... Maybe I am being picky....? ? ? ? I played a Strat last night thru the Fender and could dial in some nice tones no problem....I am wondering if its the LP itself???? I have heard guys playing LP's with P90s like mine and they sounded OK.....any suggestions to set amp and volume controls on guitar for a better tone? Don't get me wrong, the guitar does sound good......I have even heard people get that nice tone from humbuckers.....my main problem is too fuzzy sound/tone when I add a little gain....it almost sounds like driving a tiny speaker too hard. HELP!!!!
  15. What about manufacturing the SG Junior with the dog ear pickup? I got one that is a 1997 model and it is the greatest guitar! Alot of people like this guitar. And they were very well made. Is there not enough demand for this model? The sg and LP specials are just not cuttin' it. Or even better, you guys make the G-310 right? So why don't you have a P90 model????Those 310's are so comfortable to play! But the humbuckers are not that great. I think a 310 with p90's will stir up ALOT of BUYING!!!! Look at this baby!!!!!!
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