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  1. Verify that the 12ax7 in the 2nd slot from the left(from rear of amp) is good.
  2. Guys? Well, I'm gonna give it a try, anyways.
  3. 5Y3 is a DC rectifier tube, 12AX7s are preamp and PI, most likely, and 6BQ5=EL84. Sounds to me like you may have the start to a nice little amp there. I'd probably ballpark it at about 18watts? Nice.
  4. Most likely no, but not changing it could hurt your value.
  5. Anyone thought about adding an adjustable cathode resistor setup a la AX84 to this setup?
  6. Just curious. Been looking at the schemetic for a little build project I'm doing. Those values are the only ones not shown on the schemo. Haven't tried the KT66 yet, and gave up on the EL34. Came into a nice pair of NOS 6l6GC, so been burning them for now.
  7. Good luck and let us know if you find any gems. I had a guy sell me a NOS 7 notch mullard 5AR4 for $10 last week. They are out there.
  8. Does anyone know what the value of the choke is in the So Cal 50? Schematic says X7003, but i'm unsure what this translates to. Thanks! Also, does anyone have the value of the primary of the ot? Thanks!
  9. According to the schematics they are the same PT. I also opened mine up and verified that the output tube heater winding is fused at 6.3a. That's more than enough to handle any tube in the expanded 6L6 family. Anything from 5881 through 350B should be fine.
  10. #-o #-o #-o #-o Who the f*** is Eddie Van Halen?
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