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  1. Hello all... So I have mild Buzzing happening around the bridge. I don't know if it's that the polls are loose or if it's something in the saddles...? Either way. I said to a friend " How do I get rid of that buzz?" He kindly and simply said "Get a new bridge" I feel like this has been on here many times. Can i get a link to a thread or any suggestions from someone who has upgraded the bridge on their DOT? Thanks!
  2. ahh...I mean I have a GFS in the neck and I'm keeping that. The bridge humbucker has got to go but, I figured the 59 was up my alley..
  3. Hello friends. I have not been able to frequent this as much due to holidays, getting engaged and getting new gear!! I recently sold my Twin and got a Reverb Deluxe. It's like heaven!! My Dot sounds very sweet through it. the GFS Mean 90 in the neck is excellent. However, it is time to change the factory humbucker. Any suggestions? I want clear and punchy and a little shimmery. Humbucker preferably. As far as output I want something high but, not like screaming loud, metal Hi. Dig it? Would love some suggestions. Really haven't started researching things yet. Thanks! Oh, I
  4. I'm not really in to the blue finish. Except for the light blue strat, that is fine looking.
  5. I had put up a post a while ago about taking steel wool to the neck. I did it. Unfortunately the pictures i was taking didn't really show the drastic difference. The flash kind of brought of a kid of shine still there. But, the neck is definitely lacking the heavy Epi glaze. It's great. love the way it looks/feels. I saw threads in other spots,here too about people who did the entire guitar. I'm going to start with the back and sides before I get in to the top(you'd have to take all the electronics out etc) So, doing the neck w/ steel wool is super easy. I'd recommend doing it to mo
  6. i have the mean 90 in the neck of my Dot. For the $42 spent it is unbeatable. It really get better sounding the more it's played! I have the stock humbucker in the guitar. I'm considering swapping it out soon for something a little hotter. No doubt in my mind that I'll head back to GFS.
  7. After a fine thread of suggestions and a picture of what my guitar could be, I decided to take the plunge. (I'm so sorry but, m'lady has the camera tonight so I'll have to give simple step by step.) I got 0000 steel wool at Home Depot for $4.00. There are many spools of it. and enough sections in one ball that you can do the neck with just that and have more than enough left over.So...yes...share it. Now the biggest suggestions were to make sure the pick ups are covered well and "slow and steady" or "nice and easy" Both tips essential I've now found. Right now I am half way thro
  8. Wow. Grant that is exactly what I am going for. I have a feeling I will be spending some time on this over the weekend. I feel like i can do the entire neck,including the base, with the 0000 wool. Swirl and scratch remover seems like a great option in case the neck looks kind of zany at the base. I don't play in direct light to often so I'm not too concerned.
  9. Grant, I'd love to see it. I mean, I assume you did the entire guitar. which looks great by the way. I love the way the new finish dulls the yellow of the VS. Mine is VS too and it can pop just a bit too much sometime but,I'm not ready to get in to the entire body though. Neck first... I really appreciate everyone's input. I was really having zero luck using search engines. Things only really came up for strats. and yes, RobintheHood, leather guitar strap would be great too. I have one to use for such a project luckily. This all started when my pal showed me his brand new Gibson Les Paul
  10. Hmm...so we have a few who swear by the 0000 steel wool. Grant suggests something that is teflon based and deflepfan suggests mr.clean magic eraser...Now, I removed the finish completely from the back of my Epi Hummingbird some time ago. It's down to bare wood that was sealed with tongue oil. that would be ideal with the DOT too but, not right now. When the Bird was being decoated just getting under the intial coats left a very dull appearance. which might even work for the DOT. Not sure..I'm open to trying out a few methods. I'll have some time on Sunday - but, if it's good weather I'll be o
  11. Bender. I was basically looking for a step 5... I may give it a shot this weekend. Not sure
  12. Hello friends. I've seen it referenced that 0000 steel wool will help smooth out a neck, take away the stickiness... I would like my dot to be a bit smoother, I don't mind that the finish would be dulled by using the 0000. I was wondering if anyone can provide a sort of...step by step process or guide if you will in doing this. Does any one have any photos of their necks after they have done this?? Thanks DJB
  13. My dad passed one of these up years ago at the Great American Guitar Show. $500. Cherry.
  14. Fav warm up tune is Back in Black-ACDC or Baracuda by Heart(Just the opening riff and harmonic thingy) Each song gets people amped. Unfortunately my music is not even close to the style of either band so people end up kinda...mad?..at me. Lots of " Oh come on!!!! Play Baracuda!!!"
  15. That is intense!!! TWANG is the man.. You did a fine job with the finish
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