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  1. Man those things are sharp! I'm still in shock that I'd never seen them before this forum... So you are finishing the "hot rod" black. Did you do any refinishing/touch ups to the others?
  2. So I figure that most folks with a DOT, Sheraton, Casino etc etc...have the strap button at the base of the neck, right in the middle. Does anyone have there's at a different location? Say the back of the top left horn? (Imagine your holding your guitar, pull it away from you. look at the top horn. from it's middle point on the left. go in maybe 2 inches? 2.5?) How about there? I don't know that i fancy it on the side of the horn... Provide the different looks if you can find it.. Reason is i'm not entirely comfy with the strap at the bottom of the neck but, it's not really bad. And I don't want to go drillin' neccesarily... Dig it? Thanks David
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