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  1. I like to tinker here too... Voted modded. I don't know if either of my two Epi's will ever get any serious transformations, as I tend to lean towards the conservative side of modding. Things that can be completely reversable. However, it depends on the guitar. I've got a klunker I built up from parts from here and there... I have NO idea what the body is from (Strat style, with a HH pup config, all wiring thru the body, hard tail). The neck is from some model "Cortley" (Strat style headstock/all maple). The pup selector switch is on the left horn, and it's wired up like a LP, with the exception it has three control knobs. It's set up for vol/vol/master tone. I've started calling it a Les-o-caster. :P Where I "built" this one....it gets/has gotten modded extensively. The G-1275 has gotten one very minor "mod"...I put Schaller straplocks on it. OOOOoh Major surgery.... LOL The Dot has gotten two "mods", Schaller straplocks, and a roller bridge. I bought the bridge for a flying V kit I got on FleaBay. The V is built, but needs to be painted, so whilst it's sitting, I thought I'd try the roller bridge on the Dot. Other than that, I've not a single complaint about anything on the Dot. The tuners hold solid, the pups sound good to me, the neck plays like a dream. I have been having some thoughts and ideas about getting a Dot Studio and modding the he-double hockey sticks out of it.... B.
  2. I've seen the signed version on fleabay for over $50K. Only 25 made, played and signed the the man himself. I'm sure it's an investment that will only grow over time, particularly after the sad day he passes. @ MIDIMan56; These are Gibby only. The signed ones were carefully "aged" to mirror Jimmy Page's axe, including every scratch, ding, etc...and then played/signed/numbered by Page himself. IIRC, the 250 VOS models were also "aged", but Page never touched them. I ran across these during my research that led to my recent purchase of my G-1275.... B.
  3. That's a real beauty....I'd love to have the neck on that for a git I've got. No info on the electronics wouldn't faze me....it's not hard (or expensive) to swap out Strat electricals... B.
  4. I was once hoping it meant "Horny Nymphos Getting Drunk"' date=' but alas, it's not.... Sometimes (for me anyways), that's half the fun of a cheapie no-name or "rolling your own" from odds and sods laying about. Spending some time on getting an average/adaquate guitar to play well can be really rewarding. B.
  5. Awesome link!!! THANKS!!!! One thing that caught my eyes....the range of colors they list for the Dot Studio model. In particular, the Alpine White. I'd been looking at the Studios with a bit of a keen eye, as they are ripe for modding. Custom fretboard/headstock inlays, etc.... A thought went through my mind of getting a Worn Brown, getting an Ibanez "Tree of Life" fretboard inlay put on...hadn't decided on a headstock inlay though. Then paint it white, to really set off the black hardware. Surprise! They list one in white....
  6. Wow....there's some really great replies, and definitely some "cheezy" food for thought... A couple of good points; (My "bold")...interesting thought. One might wonder how Ywngie's necks hold up, being scalloped as deep as they are and the heavy tremelo use he employs.... A 1 lb block of Cabot?!?!? While I must say you have good taste in cheese, I must also wonder what on God's green earth you'd do with a full pound block of sharp cheddar.... Hijack a truck full of Ritz crackers lately?? LOL Sounds a trifle harsh when phrased that way, but that's prety much how my line of thought has been as well. But then, I've never had an axe that's really worth worrying about until now.... Two (to me) good points.... That's how I've always done it... De-tune all strings evenly' date=' remove them all, and restring from the outsides in. Me too. One thing that does surprise me though...no one made the connection. Strings....cheese. String cheese. Hmmmm... Thanks for the replies....keep the tips and tricks comin' Brian
  7. I think those who "break" Rule 15 need to read Rule 62. Rule 62; Don't take yourself so seriously.* My $.03 (tax incl.) B. * "Rule 62" is a very, very old A.A. story from the late '30's/early 40's
  8. Hey all, As I wander about the internet, sometimes you come across different thoeries on how to do things. Everybody has an opinion that "this should be done THIS way" or vice-versa. One myth I've come across is about restringing your guitar. Some things I've read say that you should restring one string at a time, as it doesn't stress the neck as much (or at all). Other versions say this doesn't matter... "Hey, the thing at one time had NO strings on it, so it's not a problem." What's your thoughts? I've always taken them all off and used the opportunity to do some cleaning while I have the access. Now that I've got a guitar that is actually worth me looking seriously into this (my G-1275, specifically the 12 string neck), I thought I'd ask. If it truly is best to do them one at a time, I'd do that, at least on the 12 string neck, and think about doing it that way on both, and any other guitars I have. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions. Brian
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