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  1. Ernest had a sponsorship deal with Epiphone. His whole band played Epic. Ernest had a custom Frontier, and an Excellente. Loretta Lynn also played a n Excellent, ad has it till this day. Leon Rhodes played custom Sheratons. As did Steve Chapman who followed him on lead guitar.
  2. Bob Colosi has you covered. http://www.guitarsaddles.com/products.asp
  3. Check Bob's instructions on sizing pins. When I replaced the pins on my J45 I sent him one of the old ones for comparison. The new ones he sent fit perfectly. I would never touch the bridge holes. Simply sand the pin down. http://www.guitarsaddles.com/products.asp
  4. Browse here. Bob has some really nice ones that won't break the bank. http://www.guitarsaddles.com/products.asp
  5. The late, great Buddy Charleton on pedal steel.
  6. The Ernest Tubb TV shows from the 60's are available on DVD from Ernest Tubb record shops in Nashville or online. Leon Rhodes on guitar and Buddy Charleton on pedal steel was the premier combination on the country circuit. I was fortunate enough to to study PSG with Buddy when he retired from the road. He had a ton of great Troubadour stories. Leon still plays regularly with Anita Stapleton at ET's record shop on Broadway. You can catch them there on Saturday afternoons. Leon has switched to mostly Tele playing now.
  7. I believe Ernest got Loretta hooked on Epi's as well.
  8. Ernest had a deal with Epiphone. His band played them exclusively for quite a while. Most notably, the great Leon Rhodes.
  9. Only one. EJ200 CE. I hate the Esonic 2 pickup system. I bought from a reliable dealer though and they took it back no questions asked.
  10. It would be cheaper, and wiser to replace it with the Baggs Element pickup.
  11. I returned an EJ200 CE recently with the Esonic2. It was horrible. Buy an acoustic and have a Baggs Element installed.
  12. Currently I'm using Elixir Nanoweb Electric 12-52. They sound most like the Gibson L-5 strings that come on the EJ-160. I would caution against wasting $24 or more for Pyramid Gold Flat, unless you plan on playing strictly through an amp. Un-amplified, these strings sound terrible.
  13. Thanks cooper; I think the guy is asking way to much. He's asking what I would expect an Elite or JLH to go for. ($1500)
  14. I found an 88 E by G Sheraton on Craigs list. The pics look pretty good. Not sure about the value of these guitars. Any idea on original price and what a decent resale should be?
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