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  1. New pedal day for me! It's an Earthquaker Devices Plumes. I'm not too familiar about the company and never played one of their pedals before, but I know enough about them to know they make great pedals. This one is a drive pedal. Plugged it up through my Fender Twin and it sounds fantastic! Here's a pic: Also, I found this video from Reverb on YouTube for those who are interested in one of these.
  2. Guitar God


    So, this just came in today from Reverb. It's a 2002 Gibson SG Voodoo. Got a pretty good deal on it and it's in pretty good shape. I've been wanting one of the old Voodoo series for years. I started playing guitar in 2000 when I was 8 years old and these came out when I was 9 or 10 and I've been wanting one in that series ever since, so I'm happy to finally have one. Plays and sounds great, too. Just needs new strings, which I'm getting ready to throw on.
  3. That and unsold stock, too. May be able to snatch something from this auction dirt cheap.
  4. Just seen this today. They apparently already put stuff on auction and the link to the auction is in this article. https://www.musicradar.com/news/peavey-just-put-dollar12-million-worth-of-guitars-amps-raw-materials-and-components-up-for-auction?fbclid=IwAR3RLlnjllZ6DnQ2AttHXLvHHJHMuV9OfF0H3UyfWRLJBq8pKbiUIq0kbTY
  5. Haha. Cool story. I've been very interested in a T-60 for years. Ever since I was a kid and first seen Johnny Copeland play one. Maybe one day I'll check one out or have one.
  6. I've been curious and thinking about a Delta Blues or one of their Classic series for a good long time, too.
  7. I'm curious about these new Brite Wires, too, as well as the new acoustic strings. I love Gibson strings. I hope they still feel and sound the same. Also wonder if the Vintage Reissues are the same with different packaging or if they changed them up. That's what I'm curious about. Really want to give the new ones a try since I already love their strings.
  8. Just now seen this article. Thought I'd share and see what everyone's thoughts are on this. Saddening because Peavey has always made great quality products here in the USA and I've always really liked Peavey stuff. Was just playing through my Peavey 5150 2 half stack earlier. Absolutely love that amp. https://guitar.com/news/peavey-to-auction-off-12-million-worth-of-unsold-guitars-amps-and-raw-materials/
  9. I've always thought about getting an old school Kramer just because I've always ben a fan of the '80's hair and glam stuff, but I have an '86 Charvel Model 4, so that serves me well. But, I'm just really curious about what Epiphone model he had was ever since I first seen it when I was 11 or 12. Never seen another one like it. Like I said, the closest thing I've seen that comes close to looking anything like it was the Gibson US-1 model. I wish I was still in contact with the guy so I could ask him.
  10. Found a breeder on my local Craigslist who breeds Boston Terries, Pugs, and I believe Golden Retrievers.
  11. Haha, no. Just spent some time with some close childhood friends of mine last night at their place for the 4th.
  12. Thanks! For sure will! Doing good his first day and already taking a liking to my other dogs.
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