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  1. Hey, guys! Been a good while since I have posted on here. I got a new amp earlier tonight. It's a VHT Special 6 Ultra. Found it on Market Place on Facebook. Apparently the guy is primarily a bassist and was selling some guitar gear. He brought it over the house today and brought his bass. I played through it and really liked it and jammed with the guy for a bit. This is the first VHT amp I have ever played through and I've heard good things about them over the years. I really liked this amp, soo I got it. It's only 6 watts and tube. It's honestly a little monster for 6 watts, especially when cranked and the drive channel is amazing in sounds like a beast cranked. Clean channel can break up, though. The standby switch also functions as a high and low switch. As far as the controls, it has a 3 position texture switch, a depth control, tone control, a volume control with a pullable boost for both clean and the ultra channels, ultra control, and a wattage control. I like how the depth, tone, and texture switch was already set at when he brought it over, but I'm going to mess with them more later, especially the depth and texture. Overall, I'm pleased with this little guy. Very awesome small wattage amp! https://i.imgur.com/EvGHlhh.jpg Also, I went to see Ace Frehley and Alice Cooper live in Pikeville, KY back on the 5th of this month. Wow, what an awesome show! As you can tell by my avatar that I'm a huge KISS and Ace fan. I love Alice Cooper as well, too. I can't say anything bad about that concert. They both were great! Such a treat and awesome experience to see two legends! I also got an Alice Cooper autographed poster from the merch table, too. https://i.imgur.com/RTNKnvj.jpg
  2. Haha, thanks. These Lace pickups sound awesome in it!
  3. Thanks! Don't know why imgur has ben acting this with me as of late.
  4. Thanks! Everyone needs at least one Tele in their collection.
  5. So, I recently got two sets of pickups for two separate guitars. One set if for an Epiphone Les Paul Nuclear Extreme model an the other is for an '04 M.I.M Fender Stratocaster. The pickups I got for the Epiphone is a set of EMG 55/66 pickups. Been curious about those for awhile because a PAF style active pickup has interested me. The pickups for that Stratocaster is the Lace Red, Silver, and Blue set. Reason being is because I wanted at least one Stratocaster that was pretty hot. Haven't got them installed, yet, but I am looking foward to it! https://i.imgur.com/LE61YFY.jpg https://i.imgur.com/wzAQy9e.jpg
  6. Been awhile since I have last posted on here. But last time I posted, I posted about that green '03 M.I.M Fender Telecaster I got and wanting to do upgrades to it. Well, I did. A couple of months ago, I dropped a set of Lace Sensor Tele pickups, a prewired Emerson Telecaster kit,, and Fender locking tuners. Haven't put strap locks on it, yet, as I should finally get that done. Anyway, I really like these Lace Tele pickups. Have that Tele tone, but more beefy, hotter, and maybe a touch warmer to my ears. Great pickups! https://i.imgur.com/iYjf1LX.jpg https://i.imgur.com/AwadcWO.jpg
  7. Man, that's beautiful! I'd really love to have a Taylor acoustic, but as far acoustics go, I really want a Gibson acoustic. I have a lot of Gibson electrics, but no Gibson acoustic and I've been wanting one forever. I'll get a Taylor eventually.
  8. I wouldn't worry. I have a buddy who has one of the new '60's Standard models and it is the same way. I was actually watchin a review video of one of the '50's Standards and the guy said that many people think the smaller cutaway binding is a flaw, but it's not and went on to say that it's historically correct.
  9. Looks the same to me, too, but posting on here has been weird for me. Usually, I'd just copy and paste the link provided for forums and hit "Post" and it'll show on here. Now, I apparently have to do something different.
  10. Glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing weird stuff with it. And thanks!
  11. Not true at all. Sorry, I disagree big time. No offense.
  12. He was super nice and humble when I met him. There was a lady whose brother in law had cancer and couldn't make it and was a diehard KISS fan, and they weren't sure if he was going to be ok or not. So, Gene had her husband, who was recording on video, get up on the stage, and had everyone in the crowd get close together and Gene said, "Hey, this is Gene Simmons in a room full of people who love you and want you to get better! Everyone say, "Yeah!'" and said, "You better get well!". Quite a few tears were shed after that. He also was super great to the little kids there, too. He was awesome when I met him. Heck, one of my Mom's friends ran into him at the airport after that event and got a picture with him.
  13. They have factory tour vids on YouTube.
  14. I would like to build my own one day. The one I had was awesome! I kick myself for parting with it. I got it second hand. It was a rear routed Stratocaster body with a flamed maple top in heritage cherry sunburst with natural binding and gold hardware. Had a 24 fret neck and it was flamed maple with an ebony fretboard with mother of pearl star inlays with a matching head stock - no flame on the head stock - and locking tuners, though I can't remember what the tuners were. Had a Wilkinson tremolo. As far as the pickups go, I have no idea what they were. They were rail/blade pickups - the blade/rail magnets were also gold. They looked a lot like the Duncan Hot Rails. Had no brand labels/logos on the top. Probably should have taken them out just to see what they were. Wish I would have kept it, but the whole young and stupid "wanting something new" kicked in, so I parted with it like an idiot.
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