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  1. Haha, for real Man, for 50 watts this thing is LOUD. EASILY keeps up with my 100 watt Marshall's and 120 Peavey 5150 in volume.
  2. Ever since I got my MESA Single Rectifier head, I've been wanting a matching 4x12 MESA cab to go with it. Got this 4x12 MESA Traditional cabinet off of Sweetwater and it came in today.
  3. So, I got this in the mail today. It's a JHS Haunting Mids pedal. Fairly new pedal. Came out last year, I believe. It's pretty much a mid EQ pedal. Has a mid knob, sweep knob, volume knob, and a hi and low switch. Ever since I first seen this pedal I thought it would be a very interesting and handy pedal. Here's a pic:
  4. Thanks! Also, thanks for getting my JCM 900 straightened out. Works like a champ now! Been plugging you to people.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, a 5150/6505 amp has been an amp I've considered on and off for years. So, it was hard to pass this up especially at the price and knowing how much the ew ones go for and the fact the new ones aren't made in the USA anymore. Obviously had to try some Van Halen riffs on it when I got it home, haha. 😛 Cool! I used to have a 100 watt Valve King half stack at one point and it was a good sounding amp, in my opinion. Pretty versatile. Peavey made/makes some good stuff. Also, I've always been interested in their Classic series amps, too. I have some Fender amps and I've always been curious on how they compare with Fender amps. On the pedal. I really like it. It was designed in collaboration with Italian pedal designer Carlo Sorasio. According to MXR's/Dunlop's site it's a classic circuit that's been hot rodded for enhanced mids and lows and I can definitely hear the hot rodded classic tone. Also has a hi/low which changes the clipping. Their site says, silicon clipping, LED clipping, or wide open overdriven op-amp clipping. I think it is a cool pedal. Hope that helped!
  6. So, I got a new amp. It's a Peavey 5150 2 half stack. Picked up the head last week and picked up the matching cab it was on at one of my local music stores yesterday. Been considering one of these for years. Got the head for $575 and the cab for $275. Really good deal since the new 6505 stack is right around $2,000 for the head and cab together and are now China made. Really liking the way it sounds, too. I also got an MXR Il Diavolo Overdrive pedal, too. Here are pics.
  7. I prefer the Dunlop strap locks, myself, with no issue.
  8. Thanks, everyone! I've been interested in one of these for yyears, like I said, so it's nice to finally have one. This thing is pretty versatile. I don't think there is anything this amp can't do. Love it. Great amp.
  9. My favorite is the Friday The 13th series.
  10. Scored this MESA F50 combo today from $525. It's in really great condition. This thing has been on Craigslist for awhile and I've been looking at it since he listed it. Bit the bullet and got it today. I remember years ago, there was a guy who worked at one of my local music stores who has known me since I started playing at 8 years old, so I guess you can say a buddy now. He had an F30 combo and I remember him bringing it to the store one day and let me check it out and I remember really liking it. I was recently talking to him about it on Facebook and he corrected me and told me it was the 30 watt model because I thought it was a 50 like mine and he wishes he had it back. Anyway, this amp sounds really good. It's pretty darn versatile, too. Really great cleans and has really great dirt/gain/drive, too. Really good built in reverb, too. Guy also had a Dual Rectifier Blue Angel 4x10 combo. That thing sounded really great, too. Now, that one isn't like the typical Single, Dual, Triple Rectifier like everyone knows. It was pretty much a single channel blues and classic rock amp. Sounded good, too.
  11. Guitar God


    So, I was at a local music store a week or so ago and they had this natural '04 M.I.M Special Edition Fender Stratocaster in there. I've had my eye on it ever since. I've always loved a natural Stratocaster. So, it was still in there and I brought it home today. Also decided to part with my Yamaha Pacifica, too. Was going to hot rod it, which is one reason why I got it, but I didn't play it enough. But, anyway, here's a pic:
  12. Wow! Dang, I see it has a Bonamassa Celestion speaker in it. That must of slipped under my radar because I didn't know he had a signature speaker out.
  13. Guitar God


    Call me crazy, but I've had the same full sized mattress since I was a kid - 11 or 12 - and I'm 26 - will be 27 in April. No reason to get a new one. It's super soft and comfortable, which I love, and the most comfortable I've laid on, so until I absolutely have to, I won't change. Funny that waterbeds got mentioned. I remember my mom and dad having one when I was little. Super comfortable and cool. Seen one at a furniture store in my area a year or 2 ago and was a little surprised because I didn't think they made them anymore.
  14. Thanks! I'm really liking it so far.
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