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  1. This looks like it, but I don't recall his having the weird locking tremolo. I don't think he played that guitar much at all, because I only seen it once or twice and that was the one guitar he was picky about letting me play then. He would let me play his Gibson Les Paul all day long back then, though, haha. Been curious about the model of that Epiphone since I was 11 or 12.
  2. Surprised I haven't posted these on here, yet, but I got a couple of new toys a month ago. One is the new electric blue Epiphone Tommy Thayer signature Les Paul. I fell in love with it when it was first released. Has two Duncan JB pickups. Though it is electric blue, the finish does react to the lighting. In certain angles it can look blue and certain angles it can look purple if that makes sense. The 2nd is a cracked mirror Paul Stanley signature Silvertone. I've always wanted a cracked mirror Paul Stanley model, but his old Washburn and old and new Ibanez cracked mirror models are fetchin
  3. Been awhile since I have posted. Hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe. Anyway, I got a couple of new heads I want to share. One is a Krank Chadwick - the Series 2 two channel one. Now, I remember seeing Krank all over Guitar World and such way back in the day and I've always been curious about one. Never seen one in my area and always wanted to check a Krank out. So, I found this Chadwick on Guitar Center's site and pulled the trigger. I am liking it. It's 50 watts and these were labeled as "hot rodded British amps". Also has some cool features/controls on it, too. I have it on top
  4. So, picked up another guitar off of Reverb that I've been wanting since I was a kid. This one is a 1978 Peavey T60. Ever since I first seen blues guitarist Johnny Copeland playing one when I was a kid, I was like, "What is that?! That looks sweet!" and discovered it was this model and wanted one ever since. Years later, I finally got one, haha.
  5. Hey, been awhile since I posted on here. Hope everyone here is doing well! Anyway, I wanted to share a new guitar I got. It's a 2004 Parker P42. I've had my eye on a Parker for years. I remember first seeing one at a local music store when I was 11 or 12 and really liked it and wanted it, but by the time my dad went to get it for me the original owner came back and picked it up and had 2nd thoughts about selling it. Fast forward many years later, I found this one on Reverb and liked it, so I goy it. This one doesn't have the piezo on it, though. Just your standard 3 way and a push/pull coil
  6. Same! I have always loved gold tops and gold guitars. I have this gold top Les Paul, a gold Fender 50th anniversary Stratocaster, and a gold ESP Vintage Plus. Maybe I need to add a gold Tele to the mix, haha. But, yeah, I have a couple of buddies who aren't fans of gold tops or gold guitars in general and I'm like, "How can you not be?", haha.
  7. Just curious if anyone here has ever tried one. I remember way back when you couldn't get a Guitar World or Guitar Player mag without seeing them advertised. However, it seems they fell off the face of the map as quickly as they got popular and shut the doors several years ago. Don't recall ever seeing any in my area; at least I haven't. I see them floating around on Reverb and eBay. Always been curious about them. Still think about getting one someday.
  8. Thanks! I have both American and Mexican made Fenders and the M.I.M stuff is every bit as good as my American ones. Also have a single pickup Korean made Fender Showmaster that I recently dropped an EMG 81-X in and that guitar is a firecracker, too!
  9. So, I sold my Blackstar HT 60 amp. So, I've been wanting a Precision Bass for a good while now. Already have two Jazz Basses - a USA '03 Fender Highway One and a '14 Fender M.I.M. Standard - and been wanting to add a P to the mix. Been eyeballing this one for the past few months. So, Guitar Center recently opened back in March and they had this one in there. Went in there last weekend and it was still there. Recently sold my Blackstar amp, so I went in there earlier this evening before they closed and picked it up. It's a Player Series M.I.M. Fender Precision Bass. Limited edition ocean turqu
  10. This came in today from Reverb. It's a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard gold top. Been wanting a gold top Standard ever since I started playing. This thing is in great condition. Looks pretty much brand new. Don't think it was hardly ever played. Has the 498T/490R combo. Sounds great. Plays great, but think I'm going to have to do a minor setup because there are a couple of frets that buzz some, but that can be knocked out. Anyway, here's a pic.
  11. I know you guys would love this! First off, a little backstory on me first and how I started playing before I share this. I was born premature and have major back issues because of it and was a Shriner's patient until I was 18. There were certain things doctors didn't want me to do growing up because of it. So, the year 2000 rolls along and I'm 8 years old. I see KISS on Direct TV Pay Per View airing the KISS: THE LAST KISS concert during their "farewell" tour then. Thank God, I walked in the living room to see my parents watching it! Immediately became a KISS fanatic and beg my parents for a
  12. Awesome! I recently picked one up, too. Picked mine up a couple of weeks ago. Mine is the single pickup one and cherry, though. Absolutely love mine! Guitar Center just opened in my area a couple of weeks ago and I went opening day, which was the 5th, and I picked up that Saturday. They had the two pickup version in red, too, but I wanted the single pickup one. Someone snatched the 2 pickup one up, because it was gone by the time I went back to get mine that Saturday. But, like I said, I had my eye on the single P90 one. I love mine and couldn't be happier! Mine was list at $550, but got it
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