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  1. I've always thought about getting an old school Kramer just because I've always ben a fan of the '80's hair and glam stuff, but I have an '86 Charvel Model 4, so that serves me well. But, I'm just really curious about what Epiphone model he had was ever since I first seen it when I was 11 or 12. Never seen another one like it. Like I said, the closest thing I've seen that comes close to looking anything like it was the Gibson US-1 model. I wish I was still in contact with the guy so I could ask him.
  2. Found a breeder on my local Craigslist who breeds Boston Terries, Pugs, and I believe Golden Retrievers.
  3. Haha, no. Just spent some time with some close childhood friends of mine last night at their place for the 4th.
  4. Thanks! For sure will! Doing good his first day and already taking a liking to my other dogs.
  5. Ended up getting a new puppy. Got this little guy today. He's a Pug. Named him Henry. Wanted to share. 😃
  6. On your US-1 comment. I wasn't saying it was an Epiphone version of it, just saying it closest resembled the Epiphone my old neighbor had and was wondering what model it could have been.
  7. Years ago, when I was a little kid, I had a neighbor who played guitar. Super cool guy who was about 10 or 11 years older than me, I believe. He had some cool guitars. One was a Gibson Les Paul Standard or Classic that he had repainted purple, a home made Strat style, an Epiphone acoustic, and an Epiphone electric that I've never seen before or since. I don't know what the model was, but it was red and the closest thing I could find that looks like it is a Gibson US-1. My question is was there an Epiphone version or equivalent to a US-1 or one similar? I've been trying to find out what model the Epiphone he had was for years. Can't ask him personally because it has been years since I last seen him or I would.
  8. Haha, for real Man, for 50 watts this thing is LOUD. EASILY keeps up with my 100 watt Marshall's and 120 Peavey 5150 in volume.
  9. Ever since I got my MESA Single Rectifier head, I've been wanting a matching 4x12 MESA cab to go with it. Got this 4x12 MESA Traditional cabinet off of Sweetwater and it came in today.
  10. So, I got this in the mail today. It's a JHS Haunting Mids pedal. Fairly new pedal. Came out last year, I believe. It's pretty much a mid EQ pedal. Has a mid knob, sweep knob, volume knob, and a hi and low switch. Ever since I first seen this pedal I thought it would be a very interesting and handy pedal. Here's a pic:
  11. Thanks! Also, thanks for getting my JCM 900 straightened out. Works like a champ now! Been plugging you to people.
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