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  1. Ok so i sat down today to order some strings and realized that i use alot of different brands. Am i alone in using different brands on different guitars? Here's what i use Gibson vintage reissue's on my Gold top reissue and G-400 , Gretsch strings on my 5120 , DR pure blues on my tele , Fender bullets on my strat and D'Addario EXP15 on my acoustic. Not sure what i am going to use on my P93 just got it a few days ago. Is this normal or do you guys find a brand and stick with them.
  2. I've got my eye on the Riviera P93 they have on MF. My question is will it fit in a 335 case or do i need to look for something else. The description for the epiphone one doesn't list the Riviera. Thanks for the help. P.S. How is this guitar is it worth the money.
  3. That Del Rey is really nice. I may look into one of those. What would be good years to look at. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info. Gonna have to do some searching.
  5. dose or did epiphone make a double cutaway les paul ?
  6. Yea it has Grovers on it and they are good but i wanted something more vintage looking.
  7. No the tuners are fine, just wanted to upgrade to something a little better and more fitting for the older look of the guitar.So i've done a little more research and found out that the bushings that come with the tuners are to small for the old grover holes but i found some kluson adapter bushings from wd music. Got those on order and we will see how it all comes together than.
  8. I just got an epi. 56 goldtop and wanted to know if anyone has put some gibson historic tuners on it and what was involved in doing so.any help would be great.
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