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  1. Well...apart from the Valve Junior, I`ve got a Fender Blues Junior, Vox AC30 too and recently i've purchased a Vox VT50 and a Vox VOX Nightrain head and a Vox V212BN Cab (you'll notice i'm a big fan of the Vox vintage tone) ...of course that the VJ is not as good as a Vox or a full valve Fender amp, but honestly I think the distance in terms of tone, richness of distortion, harmonics, etc, between the VJ and any of the Vox amps is not that far....and the VJ is not as good as a Vox or a Fender (not talking a Bugera or Mesa Boogie...) but neither the price is as high...you know....so I think the VJ is a very decent amp, and even more that decent for a beginner player interested in vintage amp tones and new in the valve amps stuff. PD: Absolutely agree with strangedogs and sorry for my english.
  2. We're talking about a small venue, but anyway, here there is, for the people with little imagination skills: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjlVrshR-kc
  3. Check this out: http://www.cd101.com/sections/onAir/BigRoomPhoto.aspx?ppp_id=28383 http://www.cd101.com/sections/onAir/BigRoomPhoto.aspx?ppp_id=28384 http://www.cd101.com/sections/onAir/BigRoomPhoto.aspx?ppp_id=28386 http://www.cd101.com/sections/onAir/BigRoomMedia.aspx?ppm_id=115 A proud Epiphone user.
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