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  1. Here are my babies!!! Including my recently modified Epi stratocaster. Love them all.
  2. Hi there, could you tell me where you got your pickguard from and also are those stock pick ups in your strat etc. What model is yours and what year was it made. Can't seem to get a lot of info on these models that readily!!
  3. Will post some pics shortly...but could you tell me what makes or brand of after market pick ups will fit these models etc??
  4. Right it's arrived my long awaited Epi strat. But need some help. It needs a little TLC. May need a new scratch plate and maybe change the knobs to original strat ones and ned a whammy bar, as it was missing etc. I am almost certain it's a fat310 model, made in korea with the batwing headstock. I might also look into changing the pick ups at a later date, so can anyone help me find out where I ned to look or know where I could pickup these items and are they readily available or do fender parts fit these models.....your help would be greatly appreciated etc. Regards
  5. Hi there, not quite sure what model it is...but from the research I thinks it's a FAT310 model with the 2 single coils and an Humbucker similar to yours etc. I don't have it yet so can't be more specific. But just wondered what pick ups have you put in yours and did you have to upgrade the electrics and is it generally a good player??? cheers
  6. Hi all, still awaiting to take delivery of my much anticipated and eagerly awaited Korean 'Epiphone Stratocaster' from the USA. When it finally arrives I would like to possibly update the electrics as I assume they will be a bit outdated etc. If anyone has modified an existing Epi Strat or has any possible suggestions to what might be good upgrades or improvements etc, that would be great!!! regards
  7. Got the newer 'Batwing' headstock, looks a real beauty so gonna have to get me a hard case, but got no idea if they even made ones to fit these models etc. Any help would be appreciated please!!! Gonna post some pics when it arrives and maybe made a few modifications to it etc.
  8. YEAHHHHHH, got myself one from Ebay. Can't wait and she looks a beauty tooooo!!!!!! Will post pics once I sort out the payment and shipping etc. Anyone know what hard case will fit one of these etc????? Cheers
  9. Hi all, just wondered if anyone knows of anyone who is selling one or has seen one for sale recently. Must be in pristine condition really if possible, but will do some work on it if required. I'm in the UK, but prepared to pay whatever shipping costs etc if necessary. Please help - got the urge to get one...so I NEED to have one. You know how it is!!! ha ha. Cheers
  10. Wow, imagine my disbelief finding out that my beloved epiphone actually once made a stratocaster guitar! If anyone out there has one please let me know what your thoughts are on it and how it compares to the fender brand etc. I'm thinking about trying to find myself one, as they look awesome. But are they any good??
  11. Hi all, very interesting responses - seems to be a mixed response. I immediately thought that to change the pick ups was a necessity and it would improve the tone and give me that 'Gibson' sound that we all look for etc. The classic 57's aren't cheap either - around £90 each here in the UK. So its a major investment to have them swapped and not something I want to do lightly unless I'm sure it will be worth while etc. Would be keen to hear from anyone who has done it and didn't like them or anyone who changed them back etc. Anywhere, keep the debate going its great to hear all your vie
  12. Hi all, I know this topic has probably been covered a lot of times - but....I am considering changing out my pick ups from my 2007 Chinese made Epi Sheraton to 'Gibson '57 classic & classic plus' pick ups!! What I really want to know is how much of a 'tonal' difference will it make etc. Would it be a major difference in quality or just a minor one....if anyone could evaluate this for me, that would be great!!!!!
  13. Just about to start researching which bridge to replace my 1997 Epi korean built Les Paul goldtop with. I know this has probably been discussed before or maybe they are already several threads on this forum etc, but I would like to put in the best available on the market (no point scrimping) on a cheap make. So, I thought I would go for the best, therefore if anyone has any advice or recommendations as to which I should look at etc, that would be gratefully appreciated. As a matter of interest too, what bridges do 'Gibson' fit as standard on their Les Paul models. Please help discuss!!!
  14. Yeah guys, got all that info - took it to my regular guitar tech on Sat and hes doing a complete upgrade re-wiring job...CTS pots 500k, Switchcraft toggle switch spraque capacitors and 4 way conductors and new jack input etc. he said I won't notice a tonal difference but should just be more efficient and reliant, which is good considering I have a 15 year old guitar (probably overdue) the upgrades etc. Anyway should be worht the money - all this is coming in at around £90 inc labour...which does'nt sound too bad. The next big thing to do is change the bridge from the standard epiphone one
  15. Cheers for all the advise, gonna take it along to see my guitar tech and at least now i know what I'm telling him. Could probably need upgrading anyway after 15 years of hard use etc. Cheers
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