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  1. Renaissance Wax is the wax used by museums on fine display furniture. Johnson's Paste wax has no silicone in it and the solvent used has never harmed any lacquer that I've used it on. My bottle of Dunlop creme wax does not list silicone as an ingredient. If you've had wax problems on nitro finishes then it must've been caused by silicone, some other ingredient or the chosen method of stripping the finish.
  2. Can't say what "brand" or "flavor" of mahogany it's built out of but I must say that I simply love my LPDC. If I'm reading the serial number correctly it was built around 2000. I can't think of a negative thing to say about both the sound and playability of the LPDC. The finish is not as durable so mine already has that "road worn" look. Most notably where my arm rests on the lower bout and along the low E side of the neck. It doesn't affect playability and it does give it a certain air of mojo. It is my main axe so it gets lots of lovin' and lots of workouts. I just can't say enough g
  3. My Mileage Varied on the phase inverter tube. Every tube I tried sucked until I put in a Groove Tubes 12ax7 SAG (Special Applications Group) which is tested for balanced output. It greatly (read: GREATLY) improved the amp. It did NOT increase clean headroom but the cleans sounded like cleans. A lot of the BC30 owners have done the tube thing and have managed to get the most out of this amp. Better tubes to replace the stock tubes are pretty much a necessity. For more headroom/cleaner cleans or whatever you're looking for along those lines, at this point I really think that the only thing t
  4. Might want to find that volume knob on your drummer and turn him down. :( On a more serious note, if you don't already, you might want to tilt the amp back or put it on a tilting amp stand like any one of these: http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-MUS-RS7000-LIST This is the one I use http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-QUI-BS317-LIST http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-TRI-STANDBACK My BC30 is plenty loud for rehearsal with the full band (5 piece) and I run it on 15 watts. Lately I've been using my Bugera V22 for rehearsals because it's lighter to carry and I run that on
  5. Yep! That second vid with the Super 400, now THAT's the stuff. Yes, that does sound more clear and "open" than the Gibby P90s. The Gibby's offer a somewhat "darker" sound with more growl and snarl while the Duncan in the 400 seems to offer more "purr". If I had the choice I would probably get both the Gibby's AND the the Duncan then mix and match. If I had to choose just one I'd be all over the Duncan. But that's me and the kind of tone I would like to have available. Gibby's you can find fairly easily but that Duncan is an uncommon pickup and a steal at $50.
  6. I've got the Gibby P90 soapbars in my LPDC and they are a good pickup. A pair for $110 would be a good deal. It was kind of difficult to discern actual pickup tone from that vid what with all the reverb and such. Still, the pickups did sound somewhat more clear(?) perhaps "open" would be a better term. For my preferences I would like a P90 tone like that in the neck position. the Gibby does sound really good however I would like a bit more "openness" in that position. The bridge position just rocks as it is and I really like it.. So, yes, I do understand your dilemma. Since I'm prone to ma
  7. I was in GC yesterday to grab some strings and of course I had to review the selection of used guitars. Last time I was in there they had a Heritage 535 and I was kind of hoping I could take it for a test drive. Alas, it had been sold already. Still they had a nice looking Sheraton II and a used Dot. Both were in natural finish and in very good condition. Both were hanging high and the bouts were at eye-level for me. I was struck by the difference in thickness of their tops. The Sheraton had a top that you would expect to see on this style of guitar. The Dot had a top that seemed at least 2/3
  8. Yes. You will need 2 EL84 tubes along with the Yellowjackets. You will be replacing the 2 largest tubes in your amp. Easy to locate and a bit funny to change. You have to hold down 2 spring clips will simultaneously pulling the tube out. You do this for each tube socket. Layboomo mentioned that the EL84s will change the tone and character of your amp. He's right. The extent of that change may not be as extreme as implied but they will change the tone of the amp. Still, it will be a good usable tone. An attenuator, depending on which one you would buy, will also change the tone of your
  9. As funny as this may sound, the simple act of pulling the tubes and reseating them may have been all that was needed to provide a clean connection and stop the annoying crackling sound. If the crackling returns, you already have the general problem area isolated. Still, it might be in your best interest to pick up a pair of spare tubes ( I would recommend the JJ brand) to have on hand to switch out in case the crackling returns.. Even if the crackling does not return, the spare tubes will definitely come in handy at some time.
  10. I'll second the THD Yellowjackets in the BC30! Switch your output to triode (15 watts) and pull out your 6L6/5881 tubes and replace them with the Yellowjackets. These will cut your output power to ~7 watts on the triode setting and they do sound really good. If you push them real hard you may get a "fizzy" tone. If that happens just back off the volume a bit and you'll be getting great tones again. I ultimately switched back to the 6L6 tubes because I can play a bit louder at home and I just like that full tone from the larger tubes. Still, you get to keep your tube amp, AND get g
  11. Thanks! I'm enjoying the heck out of this thing! I like it so much I'm thinking about getting another one for a backup or maybe even to run stereo! It's simple, quiet, gives me the tones I want at volumes I (and most anyone else) can easily tolerate. 7 sure seems to be the magic number on the volume knobs for both the clean and the drive channels. It breaks up a bit more on the clean channel than it does on my Epi BC30 but it's certainly usable. I get more breadth in in the sound on my BC30 but the Bugera isn't quite as heavy so it's a pretty good trade off.
  12. Yet Another New Amp Day! This time it's the Bugera Vintage 22. Phenomenal tone from a widely and undeservedly despised amp brand. For me this one is definitely a keeper. It ranks right up there with my Epi BC30 for great tone and versatility. This is a 2 channel amp like the BC30 having both a clean and an overdrive channel. Instead of a spring reverb it has digital reverb. The EQ section is the typical TMB and it affects BOTH channels. Tube complement is 3 x 12ax7 + 2 x EL84. Like the BC30 it has a switch on the back that allows for triode or pentode operation. There is also an FX lo
  13. For ANYBODY considering switching out pickups you might want to try some other options first. For imported guitars like the Epiphones it's a sure thing to get improvement in tones simply by replacing the original pots with CTS pots and replace any switched/jacks with genuine Switchcraft parts for reliability and durability. After that, well this may sound like heresy to some but your Epi pickups may not be as bad you think. Check out this link for some interesting wiring options: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/tonefreaks/558-wiring-library.html I'll be trying it here in the next
  14. You can get the footswitch from Sweetwater and it's surprisingly inexpensive with FREE shipping ($23.95): http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EPAFSB/ This place will make a cover for your amp: http://store.amplifiercovers.com/epiphone.html Tube upgrade will be needed. Be absolutely sure you get the matched phase inverter tube. This cat will fix you up: http://www.eurotubes.com/ Make sure you give the speakers time to break in (12 -20 hours total playing time) before you make any decisions to change them out for something different. If you're feeling adventurous and are ha
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