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  1. Though not a Gibson product I saw these stools in my local guitar shop and was well impressed I took some pictures ebfore i bought one. I got the french polished maple with fiddleback though was tempted with the french polished walnut. Different sizes and shape to my LP but none the less looks impressive (the pictures don't really do they justice). I was going to change the legs but it fits in at home so not got round to it. What do you think ? The Walnut version
  2. I went for years not rating them at all then started to listen to their albums and now rate them so I suppose as an average rating I neither under or over rated the band and their music either. I agree I did under rate them pre hearing though if that helps.
  3. The hairs the hair everyone goes through the rebel haircut faze (Flock of Seagulls, '77 punks) a rite of passage. Though that belt is too camp but still no reason for punchability.
  4. Just a thought there are people on line from all over the World (at one time of the day or another), I wanted to know any unusual expression that may only be relevant to your part of the World or just interesting one's. My Brother-in-Law is always using "Well if my Auntie had Bollox's she would be my Uncle" it seems to cover 'could of should of times but didn't do it times'. Thought it may be an interesting thread and give me some to throw back at him. PS obviously I don't want to offend any gonaded Aunties
  5. Toilet Paper you've guy's have never had it so good when I was a lad I dreamt of such riches, I though that's why people kept cats.
  6. Not bad in fact pretty good in place but you know what they say if my auntie had gonads she would be my uncle (no relevance here just a point to note).
  7. I don't want to scare anyone or be the voice of doom but it looks like the chap has white finger and has been doing to many pumpkins without breaks or without the heavy gloves. Life is too short for white fingers.
  8. What he needs is a pumpkin grasp to hold that bad boy in place, in the UK health and Saftey Executive would have that bloke on numerous acccounts including trip hazzards for the trailing cable and not having hi viz vest on. Shame all he's trying to do is make a mountain out of a mole hill.
  9. Oh yes that was my mate's photo when they went to South America, she couldn't eat it but her fella did and was hurling at the thought of it for days later. They even had guinea pig 'stables' outside fattening them up. One mans meat is another mans poison I guess or in this case one kids pet is another man's fast food dinner.
  10. The Peruvian equivalent of KFC is apparently healthy eating in parts of Glasgow, though you have to watch the deep fried Guinea Pig Peruvian Style as it can bite back.
  11. I know he's still alive and performing. Up until 6 months ago I worked in Liverpool (and did a stint in the offices above Cavern), I've seen and heard him, though he's sounding a bit rough he has moved on from the Walrus but still getting a crowd. Obviously he's the big headed bear/man and he's obviously got the ear of a new younger generation
  12. Forget the reverse 'V' that's down to personnel taste but the Mannequin is just odd but not as odd as the 'player' I bet on a 'good night' he spins the guitar around with no hands...and his wig flies around giving the image of a brown frizzy halo (I hope it isn't someone on the forum if so get some frizz ease before you play your scary girl-tar).
  13. Oh Yes amoungst other things and sick of the struggle (must of blunted all of them in the house).
  14. What do people use as a guitar string cutter I'm sick of making do and blunting all the scissors and clippers in the house. Any recommendations ?
  15. I like the person on the 8th picture down who has obviously been issued with a hi tec cranium pollution protection device yes a blue towel. Sad really sad, bloody shame again the people on the lowest rung get it the worst.
  16. Ned Rorem (just throwing this one out there slang could be Phlegm)
  17. Kevin Rowland The guy with bad jeans lead singer from Dexys Midnight Runners
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