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  1. If the Standard Plus Top is a veneer on top of a maple top, that's cool. And a veneer "top" would be cool, too, as long as I know what it is beforehand. I'd hate to believe it is a flame maple top the Plus Top, only to discover it's a veneer & no maple at all. As far as the mahogany goes, maybe it's African mahogany & not Nato?
  2. New to posting though I've lurked on & off for quite some time. Is the current Chinese made Epi LP Standard Plain Top & Plus Top veneer top or solid? The Epi web site says "flame maple" for the Plus Top & "maple" for the Plain Top. The LP Standard Ebony is solid mahogany I understand. I'm looking at an Ebony Standard & a Vintage Sunburst Flame Top Standard locally & they're both very nice but I want to know (for sure) if the top is veneer or maple. Thanks in advance.
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