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  1. I had a post on the "old" Epiphone forum about this gtr. I bought one last year but I don't remember specs (to my shame!) & was hoping to get valid specs from Epiphone. I had a guy who was interested in buying mine & as we talked specs I realized I'm not 100% sure about the neck. Might be maple, might be mahogany. Here's a link to a page that describes it. Pics at bottom. This is about all I can find about it. http://www.fretbase.com/guitars/1791-epiphone-59-es-335-dot
  2. I find very little data on the Epiphone '59 Reissue Dot 335 guitar. A local store has one but details are sketchy. For all the sales people know, it's just another "dot" even though it says "Custom Shop" on the back of the neck. I understand the CS means it's pretty much just pulled off the standard assembly line & given special detail, like neck binding, etc. Does this gtr have a maple or mahogany neck?
  3. Brought this CS '59 Reissue Dot home. It belongs to me now & I get to use it in rehearsal tonight for the first time. My paying gig is on staff at church where we do everything from Brooklyn Tab to Hillsong to Gateway Praise to Lincoln Brewster to.....pretty much anything contemporary in Christian music. Funk, soul, rock & some traditional are the norm; 1 piano, 2 keyboards, 1 acoustic gtr, & 3 electrics. This '59 Epi 335 should fit nicely. Pix next week.......if I can stop playing this thing long enough. ;-)
  4. Put it back today & I pick it up Monday. The manager was off so we couldn't finalize the deal but that's cool. I bought an Ibanez RG3770 & returned it in a week, so the store credit pays for this 335 & a lot more. This 59 Reissue is officially mine now. I've played it today & two days earlier this week while in for lessons, in an effort to determine if I really like it or if it was just a "fling". Each time I put my hand on the neck, the feel is *it*. The entire gtr is solid yet feels responsive. The feel of this '59 Reissue neck, while big, just fits this 335 perfectly. I'm st
  5. I think I'm going to buy this gtr when I go in for my Monday lessons. Street price around $480 but with my teacher's discount I should be able to get it for $350-$380. I'll have to get a bag or case for it. After my final lesson yesterday, I sat & talked to a couple of the salesmen at the store for an hour or so. It was only when my wife called & I had to answer my cell phone that I realized I had been playing it for hours. In a way I felt kinda silly, because I continued to be inspired by it so much that I wasn't even aware that I was playing it that long. Then again, it was a test
  6. I happened an older post here as I was searching for info on Epi Custom Shop models. Yeah, I know the term "custom shop" used with Epiphone evokes cackles from seasoned players & those who deem themselves such, so I found the older post interesting to say the least. I frequent this forum but seldom post because I'm currently an ex-Epi owner. I've been playing over 25 years & I've owned several Gibson Les Pauls & SGs & Explorers, so I'm familiar with a "Gibson feel". I teach gtr at a store that sells Gibson/Epiphone & this week they received a Custom Shop '59 Reissue ES-33
  7. Don't know what I'm looking at? Really? I see the neck pickup removed showing the long neck tenon. I see a mahogany body. I see no evidence of anything other than a piece of veneer on top of the mahogany body. There is a "top" if a veneer strip is considered a top. But there's no top like a Gibson LP Std.
  8. Go here: http://www.epiphone.com/slash/default.html & click on "pics". The next to last pic is the one showing the gtr with the neck pickup removed. No "top" here mates.
  9. A local store had a '56 Goldtop a year or so ago & I played it several times. I liked the sound a lot but I'm not sold enough to pull the trigger on an Epiphone yet. Some things matter more than others with a gtr, like where the wood comes from, veneer or cap top, fingerboard radius, etc. I want a 12" radius, like a Gibson. I don't want a 14"-15" radius; I already have a flat fingerboard shredder axe. I want a more traditional LP & I'm into P-90s right now. I have a 2006 LP Double Cut Jr & I really like it's P-90 sound. Having an arch-top LP, even if it's solid mahogany w/out maple
  10. Does anyone know what the fingerboard radius is on the '56 Goldtop LP (with the P-90s)?
  11. Hi guys; I lurk I, don't post, so don't flame me, bro! Any Slash Signature Gold Top users here? I'm curious about this gtr. I've seen several for sale & I have questions. Looking at Epi's site where they remove the front pickup to show the long neck tenon, it looks to be a veener on this gtr, not a true maple top. It's not a Tone Pros bridge. like Slash's gtr. Also, where does the mahogany come from that is used for this model? Are the frets the same as any other Epi LP Standard or Custom or are they a little bigger? I do like the fact that the Slash Sig Epi has a 12" radius. I want that b
  12. If the Standard Plus Top is a veneer on top of a maple top, that's cool. And a veneer "top" would be cool, too, as long as I know what it is beforehand. I'd hate to believe it is a flame maple top the Plus Top, only to discover it's a veneer & no maple at all. As far as the mahogany goes, maybe it's African mahogany & not Nato?
  13. New to posting though I've lurked on & off for quite some time. Is the current Chinese made Epi LP Standard Plain Top & Plus Top veneer top or solid? The Epi web site says "flame maple" for the Plus Top & "maple" for the Plain Top. The LP Standard Ebony is solid mahogany I understand. I'm looking at an Ebony Standard & a Vintage Sunburst Flame Top Standard locally & they're both very nice but I want to know (for sure) if the top is veneer or maple. Thanks in advance.
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