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  1. I noticed the nut was touching the body when I first got mine , so I just took the guard off and bent the bracket up a 1/16th of an inch . No problem now .
  2. Thats a pretty good site . Thanks .
  3. an Epiphone Broadway case should cost no more than $ 100.00 .
  4. Any Epiphone dealer can get you a case . The Emperior Regent and Broadway are the same size / same case .
  5. Joe Pass has a shorter scale 24.75 , like a Paul , while the Broadway has a longer scale , 25.5 . Both have select spruce tops and lam. maple bodies . Pickups are also the same .
  6. Man , that's really gorgeous in black . Never saw one in that color before .
  7. Thanks CB . I think your right . Makes me want to do it to my Emperior .
  8. I need some help from you younger guys identifying this model . You tube video , "Rock Me Baby" ,- B.B King,Clapton,Jimmie Vaughan,Buddy Guy. Looks like one of the Crossroads fest. Standing behind Buddy Guy there's a guy playing a blonde Epi archtop with two p-90s. Selector switch is on upper bout . Is there such a model ??? Or is it a modified Emperior Regent ??? Any ideas ???
  9. stick with open G and open D . no problems .
  10. You don't have to change your pots . It is normal for a pot to do this . Pots have been made the same way for years . The carbon is wearing down at the contact point . The scratchy noise you are hearing is carbon dust .Go to Radio Shack and get a can of TV Tube cleaner .Normal procedure is to shoot a few drops on the base of the shaft and rotate it to allow the lube to slip inside the control post . Should do it . Scratchy sound will go away . Pots do not wear out from normal use . Either they work or they don't . You don't need to lube anything else, that's only going to collect more dust .
  11. That's one beautiful guitar ! Enjoy .
  12. Beautiful guitar !!! Nothing like a big blonde .I have several . If your selling those knobs , let me know .
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