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  1. ALL new guitars need a setup. Wood cures for up to two years after being manufactured. Ever notice a new guitar with fret sprout? That is because the wood has dried and shrunk. A new Gibson made in Nashville and shipped to the southwest US desert will need a setup. Things like temperature and humidity throw a guitar off. Getting a good setup is always the right thing to do. I would never trust a major guitar dealer's in-store sales people to do a setup. Take it to a reputable guitar tech and you will be good to go. Find a guitar that speaks to you and have your tech make it play. Replace the factory strings. "Shoddy setup" is not necessarily the manufacturer's fault.
  2. Not near enough to a Casino. _____________________________________________________________
  3. Too bad you are not in California. I have one but don't like shipping guitars.
  4. That Epi looks genuine to me. Go to the Les Paul Forum and search for "is this Les Paul genuine?" to see pictures and read descriptions of counterfeit guitars.
  5. What is their Ebay name? Tell us so we can block her as a bidder.
  6. Here is a YouTube video that is a fine example of stock Epiphone Dot tone.
  7. Does it have to be a NEW guitar? I ask because I got a Gibson Les Paul Classic honeyburst for $750 and a black Gibson LP Studio for $600 used from pawn shops. Both are excellent guitars. Both required setups and minor repairs but compared to the price of a new Epi it was a great alternative to new retail prices.
  8. Duane V, You and I are in the same neck of the woods. PM me your address and I will mail you a pair of .022mfd PIO caps for free. Then, you can see if you like them. I have a lot of Tropicaps that are pulls but are tested, good and have plenty of lead. Do that and the Gibson 50's wiring mod on your guitar and you will be good to go. Best regards, Gary
  9. PIO caps have a higher Q factor than ceramic capacitors. A capacitor and a passive guitar pickup form a resonant tank circuit. So, you can not only hear the difference but the difference in caps can be scientifically measured. (Yes, I am an Aerospace Metrologist and have tested caps and resistors for their behavior in AC circuits.) Duane Allman preferred Sprague ceramic caps in his guitar because of the particular resonant peak (cocked wha sound) that he got with the tone rolled off. I personally prefer paper in oil, with Sprague bumble bees at the top of the list. I find many usable settings throughout the tone pot that I don't get with other types. It's like having several different guitars. Gary
  10. GaryM

    F it!!

    Nice guitars, people! Here is my humble herd of hollow electrics. L-R: Washburn HB35 Epi DOT Teisco EP8T Ibanez AG75 Epi Casino
  11. Ah, there's the problem. The wax "potting" gets broken when the covers are removed. The covers are likely causing the problem you are experiencing.
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