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  1. Yes..it's weird for me to be satisfied with anything but this guitar sounds great as is.
  2. I have a 92 sheraton from the samick plant. I think the wiring has been upgraded (I bought it used). The pickups are stock. The tinkerer in me wants to upgrade the pickups , but whenever I play the guitar I really love what I hear. Anyone else preferring the stock pickups ?
  3. ForMIC, I've owned a 2010 dot, a 2009 les paul custom, a 2010 casino, and a 2010 g400. For MIK I've had a 1994 sheraton, a 1996 joe pass, a 2003 vintage g400 (with the neck binding), and now this new shetaton. In my experience , the mic lpc , casino, and g400 were duds, along with the mik joe pass. I'm in guitar stores all the time and often try out epis...my experience has not been that the MIC s are noticeably better than the mik...maybe more consistent.
  4. I just paid $450 for a 1992 samick sheraton with case. Guess I paid too much, but the older tobacco bursts always seem to be in the $400-$500 range.
  5. It came that way. I went through the tail piece when I restrung it.
  6. Just an update, I put swapped out the SD distortion for the 57 classic + in the bridge position on the weekend. I left the SD 59 in the neck. Much less output from the classic +, but I think it will suit my style better (classic rock to fairly clean). I'm just loving the neck on this thing!
  7. Yes, I figured for $1400 I got a fair deal.
  8. Hey thanks...the top has a really nice 3D quality.
  9. I picked this up yesterday. A 2010 Les Paul Traditional in iced tea burst. Excellent condition. She came with a SD distortion in the bridge and SD 59 in the neck, along with the original 57 classics. I'm not metal guy, but I am going to leave the pickups as is for now. Also was upgraded with an RS guitarworks wiring harness.
  10. If it makes you feel better, the ring on the neck pickup on my elite les paul custom split as well. I have not replaced it yet. The carve on the top of my elite is pretty dramatic.
  11. Hi- Just picked up this one...a Les Paul Junior Special P90 tobacco gloss (hope it qualifies). Sun came out today, so I got some better pics. -Cal
  12. mud guy

    Special Day

    Supposed to be baked maple. Thanks!
  13. mud guy

    Special Day

    Hi folks- I usually hang out around the epi forum, but I picked up a new gutar earlier this week. My first gibson. It's the newish les paul junior p90 special. Here are a few pics: Zoom in on baked maple fretboard: cheers Cal
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