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  1. These 2 videos are very informative and boring and I watched both and should prolly do so again. click me click me Click the "intructional" and scroll down to "PRS good guitar sound 1 and 2"
  2. WOW!! I hope it turns out to be a legit model.... If not maby it will play one song well....."If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all"......
  3. LOL!! I obsess on the internet over what peddle I should get. I finally got a peddle the other day' date=' it was on sale at the shop. (my wife was amazed i didn't go home to research it first) I am using a micro cube and was just getting very disappointed with the tone. This od peddle just lit it up!! LOVE IT! [img']http://www.beringmusic.com/store/images/Krankshaft_MED.jpg[/img]
  4. Looks good, nice job!
  5. Never seen one dressed like that....sweet....
  6. Nice! Ive been scouting craigslist for a project guitar. I cant afford to get a new one to mod.
  7. My first guitar was a "Mako" strat and I thought playing that for 2 yrs. was a long time. Seems everything has to be so fast.....It took me 20yrs to own my first Epip LP!! Not player haten on you but....do you even know if you will stick with it?
  8. Nice color! No finger prints or scratches. Like bringing the new baby home from the hospital!
  9. Mine is lighter than the pic shows....but it is in the shop for the annual setup so this will have to do. These look nice also.
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