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  1. Are hard cases for electric guitars typically molded for a particular model, or are they generic? Do EpiPhone or Gibson make any hard cases? I will soon have an EpiPhone Les Paul Standard. I do not intend play out side the house, and thus likely don’t need one, but at time sI suppose I may want some extra protection versus leaving it on a stand.
  2. I am picking up an an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony next week, and have a few questions on accessories 1) STRAPS - a) How do locking straps work? Looks like they can fall off the same as regular straps. Are these any good? : http://www.long-mcquade.com/index.php?page=products&ProductsID=2041 . Are c) Does Gibson or Epiphone make any branded straps? 2) STANDS - I've seen two types of stands: a) a tall stand that hold the guitar at the base and at the neck, like this one : http://www.long-mcquade.com/index.php?page=products&ProductsID=195 B) a shorter A-frame type stand ( either open or solid) thats hold the guitar only at the base? http://www.zzounds.com/item--QLKQL631 Is one type better than the other? Any suggested makes? 3) CABLES - a) Are there some recommended makes or types? B) for connecting a guitar to an AMP, does one use a MONO or STEREO cable? c) are there some makes to stay away from or some typically recommnded? My local dealer had many to choose from, such as : http://www.long-mcquade.com/index.php?page=products&ProductsID=1369
  3. I have a similar dilema here...On one hand the Gibson vs EpiPhone for a simialr price choice is a no-brainer, but... An EpiPhone Standard Ebony is $655 ( this is the one I inched up to insterad of an LP-100 Pickups: Alnico Classic HB Hardware: Chrome Scale: 24.75" Nut Width: 1.68" Neck: Set Neck Mat: Mahogany FB/Inlay: Rosewood/Trapezoid Binding: B/N Body Mat: Mohagany Top: Maple Tailpiece: Stop-bar A (genuine) Gibson Vixen Ebony is on sale for $749 (under $100 more!) Cannot find it on the gibson web site. MF Web site shows it as discontinued and its reviews are luke warm/ Slim tapered next doesnt sound appealing either: Specs per MF are : Peghead Pitch: 17? Thickness at 1st Fret: 0.775" Thickness at 12th Fret: 0.875" Heel Length: 0.625" Neck Joint Location: 16th fret Scale: 24-3/4" Total Length: 18.062" Number of Frets: 22 Nut Width: 1.695" Width at 12th Fret: 2.176" Gibson Les Paul Vixen Features: Thinner, lighter mahogany body Slim-tapered mahogany neck Classic profile Rosewood fingerboard Diamond inlays Chrome hardware Wraparound bridge Top hat knobs Grover kidney tuners 490R neck pickup 498T bridge pickup One volume, one tone, 3-way switch Are those pickups better or worse? Do I stick with EpiPhone or grab a Gibson? Still leaning toward the Epi.
  4. Good point. Dont have to buy new, and no probs with e-bay (or any e-tailer) in general, And its quite tempting even for a NEW guitar, - I note the LP Standard is $429 at MF and $650 up here, But most of the ebay sellers and e-tailers are in the U.S, and its gets logistically/economically messy getting the goods to my Canadian front door once you factor in shipping, duty, brokerage, exchange, insurance, etc, especially for fragile (guitar) and/or heavy (amp) equipment. Works fine of course for local sellers., or local dealers.
  5. Good to know. Can you explain further with the 8s or 9s would be easier? I guess I have a lot to learn here. as I iinitally thought the opposite - I would have thought that the lighter gauges (with a high E of .008") would be thinner (more razor like) than a medium guage ( with a high E of 0.10"), and therfore less comforatble on the finger. Similary , in the description just above the chart I referenced, which is consistent with what you are saying, states : "The larger the diameter, the heavier the string is. Heavier strings require more tension for the same pitch and are, as a consequence, harder to press down to the fingerboard. " Again, this is the opposite of what I thought. Heavier thick strings are easier, not harder. So I gather I have something backwards in my brain here!
  6. Thanks In terms of what woud come standard, what set of guages woud that be. See chart here. Ie would it be Regular light (10-46)?
  7. 1) I assume a new Epiphone Les Paul Standard will come with nickel roundwound strings (vs flatround). Is that correct? 2) I know flatwound 'sound' different (less bright?), but is it true that flatround are also more 'comfortable' to play ? ..and hence might be an easier transition for someone like me who is used to nylon acoustic strings? 3) Is there a specific brand/gauge I should be considering if I wanted a very high quality flatwound set of strings? Many thanks.
  8. A big thank you to everyone for steering me in the right direction.
  9. Many thanks. Actually I'm already at the $750 CDN budget (tax extra) even with no amp: CDN$ : $665.00 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony Plain Top $16.00 stand $50.00 Strap, picks, etc $731.00 Sub $36.55 GST tax $58.48 PST tax $826.03 TOTAL No cables, amp, pedals or headphone amp. --> so I will use a connection to the home theatre for now...
  10. Many thanks for the discussion. I think I need to up my game, and perhaps the money I hsd set aside from guitar + amp, around $750 CDN ($600 US), would be better spent on the guitar only for now…and get the amp later….and just use a headphone amp for my home theatre for now. I am more LP than SG so I am, I guess, now looking at, to start,the Epiphone Les Paul Standard ( ie Standard, StandardPlain and StandardPlus) Two questions at this point are: 1) I assume its in appearance only – what exactly is the difference in finish re std ; std plain ; std plus? 2) are all three available in ebony? Ref: 1) Les Paul Standard http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Epiphone/Les-Paul-Standard.aspx (Ebony) http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=44&CollectionID=6 (Ebony) 2) Les Paul Standard Plain Top http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Epiphone/Les-Paul-Standard-Plain-Top.aspx ( Not ebony) http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=266&CollectionID=6 (Not ebony) http://www.long-mcquade.com/?page=products&ProductsID=1166 ( Ebony ! ) 3) Les Paul Standard Plus Top http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Epiphone/Les-Paul-Standard-Plus-Top.aspx http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=45&CollectionID=6 http://www.long-mcquade.com/?page=products&ProductsID=1226
  11. This is an important question to me, so hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction. I played classical guitar twenty years ago, havent played in a long time and now have the itch now to get an electric, as a beginner. I really like the Epiphone Ebony LP-100...but when I picked it up, it of course felt very different that what I am used to - its much narrower (as most electric would be) and felt, well kindda - I dont know- cheapish? Perhaps it just needed better strings. My question is this... if I paid twice as much for an better Epiphone , such as the Les Paul Standard, I would expect to SOUND better, but my question is, would it FEEL any different as I slide my fingers up and down the fingerboard?? I believe both are the same width, and both are rosewood fingerboards , so I'm assuming actually they wont feel any different (in which case I would stick with the LP-100.). but I cant say for sure. Any thoughts on this??
  12. Hi, First post, and in a few days, first time electric guitar purhase. I dabbled on nylon string classical guitars in my youth, put the guitar down thirty years ago, and now I got the bug again - this time electric. Mid-life crisis I suppose! As I am only a beginner, I have my eye on an Ebony LP-100 - absolutely love the style and it felt pretty good when I tried it out in the store, just like a kid. My style is quite laid back - more the clean, clear, soft, rich, smooth type ; words like overdrive, distortion, metal, etc are not in my vocabulary. So if you might indulge me, I have a few burning questions: 1) NECK WIDTH - The LP-100 is described as a slimmed down version. I know its lighter, which is fine by me, but what about the neck/fret width - is it any narrower that the higher end Epiphones?? I hope not. 2) STRING TYPE - Should I be leaning away from stainless steel and looking instead at flat-wound/ nickel? Do I need to look for any particular guage? Can string type be requested on purchase or do they always come with a basic set of stainless steel strings (or do they come with nothing and the dealer typically adds them?) 3) PRACTICE AMP - Looking for something simple but decent (especially as the amp is so critical in defiining the overall audio experience. Dont really need any of the special effects; just risch sound and some line in/out capability. Looking at Traynor DG15 or Marshall MG15. Any thoughts? 4) GUITAR SETUP - Is this something that a dealer does without the buyer ie 'in the back room' ( as in - here ya go - we set it up) .. or .. is it truly adjusted for personal preference, one on one? Is there typicallya separate charge, or is it done for free with a new purchase? I guess I want low 'action' so I dont have to work too too hard! Many thanks
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