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  1. I would say try the vox valvetronix. play it first though but the marshall avt50 might be pricey
  2. Cant wait for my new acoustic either, next thursday.......
  3. I was wondering whether it is better to get a looper pedal or overdrive and wah and other pedals such as that? so looper or those pedals?
  4. For my new guitar purchase I was given the choice of either an Electric or an acoustic. For the electric I picked Lucille. Now I am looking into the acoustics. I narrowed it down to three guitars, the epiphone dove, the yamaha Lj6, and the LL6 by yamaha. the dove and ll6 are dreadnoughts, with the ll6 seeming to be slightly curivier , the lj 6 is a jumbo Which of these seem to be the best to you. I like all three, i have played all but the dove, and like them. help me
  5. just looking to expand my general knowledge, but how do you lower the action on an acoustic guitar?
  6. Things to know...Planning to mount a Bigsby on an Epiphone Lucille that I do not have yet.. I saw this site where someone added a Bigsby to a Gibson Lucille, the link is below. But he mentioned about grounding the strings, if i add the bigsby then do I have to do what he did? or can i just add it and not fret about grounding? Link: http://www.eledar.net/Music/Lucille/lucille_bigsby.htm
  7. which one of the following is applied on epiphone guitars? I need to know for my upcoming purchase whether to put it on a special stand to protect the nitro?
  8. this is too funny, my graduation gift is between a riviera limited edition, casino, lucille, goldtop 56 or standard plus top. I play similar stuff to you, and I am going with the lucille, most likely. It has more versatability, the varitone, and it is not prone to feedback if your music takes a more distorted side. the casino would be most prone to feedback, and i think its only good for clean stuff, which i dont play much of. the riviera is cool too, cos i am adding a bigsby probably when i get it and this has one already, but truly i prefer humbuckers and the varitone allows for
  9. No..when I say planning ahead, i should have said planning super far ahead, I would not be getting my new guitar more than likely a Lucille till late June, after that I will add the bigsby
  10. Alrite...so I am doing a bit of planning ahead for my Epiphone Lucille. I would be adding a Bigsby to it and I wanted to know if you had something to say about music in very few words, then what would it be? This would be for the plate to cover the holes for the tailpiece. Thanks
  11. I saw in some pictures online that some peole had added a bigsby to an es 335 or a dot, or smthing. They covered up the holes left by the tailpiece with a plate, one said custom made, the other said live forever. I was wondering where do you get these plates?
  12. Sorry to stray from my previous topics of the goltop and standard plus, but this is for a friend whos internet crashed or smthing and cant check himself . He wanted me to find out all I could about the Eoiphone casino cherry. so some questions for owners : Are the pickups good? better quality than other epi's? Is feedback bad if a overdrive pedal was used? Is feedback bad at all for sounds other than clean tones? tuners? are they good? all pics you can post, then do, preferably cherry thanks
  13. right, I like slash, and his guitars a lot. I was given a choice between a goldtop 56 ri and a epi lp standard plus, most likely honeyburst. which do youo think will get slash's look in terms of guitars and sound better? do you think the gt too flashy for use anywhere? i mean slash pulls it off cos well......it slash, simply put? thanks a lot
  14. which color of the epiphone les paul standard plus top best matches to slash's guitar in the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5wRW7I4Dqc&feature=related
  15. can i use a regular acoustic pickup in an lp if i run it to an external preamp and then to a seperate amp? i mean i will mount it on the guitar and plug it into the external preamp, from the preamp to a diff amp. thank you
  16. dang....thats awesome.....i know what colour im getting now...those pics on epi's site really uglify it
  17. Please post these pics......since my archtop deal dried out..i decided on another LP so post the pics of the std's cos the website pics suck.... thanks
  18. Can you use 2 out of the three speaker inputs on an evj at the same time if one is an 8 ohm and the other is 4 ohm? also would this amp be loud enough for 100-150 person gig? or would i be better off with the vox vt 30 or vt50? i like the evj cos its cheap and then i can put lots of pedals!
  19. Hey, what dont you and do you like about these archtops, the lucille and casino?and do you think it makes more sense to get one of the above archtops without amp or a good acoustic that i can play b4 i buy and a vox vt50? gear that i own now: gibson les paul studio, yamaha classical....rubbish and a line 6 spider 3 15 watt? so plz tell me. but if you have either archtops post pics.. thanks..............
  20. Ok, So i heard that people say that you should always play a guitar before you buy it (especially with acoustics). I took a chance with my gibson lp basing that it would be good on their name's rep. The guitar store doesnt have any epis in stock but they have a shreinburg or smthing like that. I really like the ej 200 but i would not be able to play it at all before i buy it. Should i go with the unknown brand that i can play and examine to my hearts content or should i buy the epiphone ej 200 online without playing or anything like that? p.s :the shreinberg thingy is black with a thick c
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