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  1. if you want to hear something really funny, go to you yube, and type in, "fu#k guitar center. i can't remember the guys name , nice peter maybe? he's great, he does another one called 50$ is a *****. but the guitar center one will kill anyone who's ever dealt with them, you will be going, god thats so true!
  2. here's what i did to my epi. les paul. on e-bay, i found a company called bcsguitars.com. i got the pre-assembled les paul tone pot kit, with oil in paper caps. just drop it in! i then put a '57 gibson classic +in the bridge, and a classic in the neck. i've owned 2 gibson l.p's and my epi. is just as good as either of them. if the gibson p/u's are too expensive, i've heared nothing but good things about gfs '59 boutique pup's. i bought one on e-bay for $29, and plan to put it in my epi "v". i don't know whether it was the pickups, or the new pots with the oil caps, or both, i just know my epi l.p. totally rocks! good luck, and nice axe
  3. i need to change out my tuners, the whole guitar rattles when i hit open notes. are epi. hole size 9 millimeter? it doesn't do it on bar chords, and if you put your ear up to the tuner, you can really hear it. thanx for any help. figure you guy's would know, as i'm an epi. newbie
  4. this guy e-mailed me back. yes freind, legal , here. i'm in bejing freind. yes, actual guitar in pic. freind let me know you want. have many guitars, freind. full of bad spelling. he blocked out the part in my e-mail where i said gibson. check it out, it's the jimmy page model. one guy at the top is threatening him, i can't belive he put it in his ask a question section. we should take up a collection, get one, see what kind of crap shows up, and get his address so we could nail him for patent and copyright infringement. he must be using real gibson pics, they look great. esp. the les paul custom.
  5. i found this site while browsing, ioffer.com. there selling les pauls for under $200. they have the gibson name on them. go to the site and type in electric guitars. i e-mailed this guy asking how he's getting away with patent fraud. i"ll see if he gets back to me. take a look, these look very real! anyone ever heard of this site?
  6. the zakk wilde axe your looking at was made in usung, korea in august 2007. it's real. that diamond part on the headstock, and the vol. knob, and the cutaway sure do make it look like a fake, but i checked the serial #. unless they lifted the number?
  7. broke as i am, i would have picked up cans on the side of the highway to get this for $250. plus a case? it pays to be diligent when looking for things. major score!
  8. simple green baby! works for everything!
  9. most of the pics. didn't come out. interesting stuff though. never knew this was such a huge problem
  10. i got that guitar with the vibrola on it, maybe a bad picture. they came with those stop bar mounting holes, as an option in case you wanted to change it. i guess gibson saw what everyone was doing, taking the vibrolas out. it's cool, they put in abalone in the holes. the p/u covers are nickel, guy could have nailed me for them. ever see what vintage stuff goes for on e-bay? he was cool, had a '57 les paul gold top. sent me a cd of his band. i love all gibsons, it's just i wanted a les paul, and this was the way to go. i was in a guitar center today, all we have here, and played a gibson les paul. my epi, same thing, to me. i'd love to hear the stories that sg could tell too. it's had a fairly boring life with me!
  11. now i'm freaki'n out. if he also has a fender front man amp, i'm outta here
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