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  1. I'd rather play like Merle than play Merle's guitar.
  2. I think I prefer to age along with my guitar. I'm in no hurry.
  3. bigshot


    Mine is a Kamaka baritone. Wonderful instrument! Cost more than some of my guitars though. This is a new one. Mine is from the 70s.
  4. I always used the JP Bluegrass on my J200 and it sounded great. But recently I put some humble D'Addario lights on it, and I love the guitar even more. The J200 has so much bass already, you really don't need to accentuate it with bluegrass strings.
  5. I have a great little Koa Larrivee parlor. It's my favorite guitar.
  6. Maybe you moved a new guitar into a different house? Sometimes it's best to let it settle in, then do a setup rather than the other way around.
  7. Not much of a contest. The J200 is much more balanced across the range. The Taylor has a couple of areas where a certain frequency range is boosted. It sounds muddied up in comparison.
  8. In 2008 I bought a 1997(?) Custom Quilt with all the same stuff as the elites for $2700. Love that guitar!
  9. I agree. Check your balls.
  10. I did that with a sweet Koa Larrivee Parlor priced at the original release price of $425. Read about it from someone on a guitar forum who already had a nice parlor guitar. Got on the phone and bought it sight unseen. Best decision I ever made.
  11. Sounds exactly the same to me. You just strummed slower which makes it sound more ponderous.
  12. I have to admit, I'd never ship a guitar without a case. Bubble wrap is good for jostling, but it won't help a hard knock. It is meant to isolate, not protect. Same with packing peanuts. If they are loose and slide out of the way, it's wide open for a hard crack.
  13. The rules for international paypal guarantees are different than domestic. Read that fine print when dealing with international sellers!
  14. Here is the sample video And another one... complete with the obligatory Blackbird and Stairway to Heaven
  15. Check out this article... http://gizmodo.com/5994116/how-inventor-paul-vo-created-a-little-black-box-that-could-change-guitars-forever An inventor has come up with a guitar synthesizer for acoustic guitars. No amplifier. No speaker. It uses magnetics on the fly to modify the vibration of the strings. Very weird!
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