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  1. Hi Parabar, That's what I thought. The recording is compressed and it's not easy for the other guitar players to gauge tone. I just attached a MP3 file(Sorry the file was too big to upload in the forum) which is from the other satisfied customer. He told me he was going to release his first EP album soon so I believe he knew how to record his songs properly without losing sound quality too much. http://www.electricguitarking.com/MP3/Time-is-sweet-and-slow.mp3 Detective jfine, I don't know what's wrong with you but I am gong to make this short because I am not here to argue with someone like you. 1. The guitars our customers received are the same pictured. You are so wrong on this. We have lots of satisfied customers and they have the right to pay much less for a decent guitar. 2. The reason I provided the link to our site is because I don't want to provide a link directly to my customer's YouTube channel. To make you happy, I just redirected the link above and will mark the guitars as "SOLD" later since they will be sold out locally soon. 3. Our guitars are NOT made in China. Besides, if you don't like products made in China, DON'T buy iPhone. Like I said, I am here to ask a question,not to argue with someone like you. So let's save us some time. Any further comments from you will be ignored by me.
  2. Hi all, This handmade electric guitar is absolutely a beauty but I am just wondering what do you think about the sound quality of the guitar based by the video clip provided on the following page? http://www.electricguitarking.com/Handmade-Electric-Guitars.asp Please let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks.
  3. Hi all guitar players on this forum. Thanks for all the compliment. We just put 6 new guitars on our website. The pickups we use are high quality EMG 81 (http://www.emginc.com/products/category/1/1) and EMG 85 (http://www.emginc.com/products/index/2/6/1) If you are interested, please mention this forum and you will get additional $100 discount. Thanks. (http://www.electricguitarking.com/One-Of-A-Kind-Guitars.asp) My regards, Jerry
  4. Tattoos and vines are fine for a few, but most people don't want to look like a plant or painting with or without a guitar. :-) It's just too ***** (for me anyway).
  5. Hi Jim, thanks for your compliment. We are always thrilled when we hear positive feedback from a guitar enthusiast like you. We just added couple of limited edition guitars on the website. If any of you is interested in any of those guitars, mention this forum and you definitely will get discounts.
  6. Happy to see a discussion here for the guitar I am selling. If any of you like the limited edition guitar, I would like to knock off the price. For all of you guitar enthusiasts, it would be $400 dollars. Please mention this forum. If you like any other items, please email me and I will see what I can do. Thanks.
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