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  1. Great tab. I'm a huge Cat Stevens fan and seeing him a couple of years ago from a few rows back playing all the old hits on his J-180 was truly special. Rob
  2. Ha, even tho Tweed and Warrior have given me the answer I finally figured out how to post pics so just so everyone knows what I was talking about here goes! It's a great guitar and nails the Beatles sound which is what I wanted it for. I had it setup at my local shop and it plays like a dream. I had them shim the bridge pickup so now both pickups are equal in volume. I think that the only other thing that I might do is change the pickup covers to black. It's a 2014 model btw. Rob
  3. Thanks Tweed, I'm sure that mine is the same way so I'll give that a try. I'll try again tomorrow to upload photos again so you can take a look at my new beauty. Rob
  4. Here is a pic of the felt washer. I tried to upload a couple of other pics but it said that I would be exceeding my global limit. I went to Photobucket to upload them and insert a link here but Photobucket is just absolutely unusable these days. rob
  5. I picked up a very gently used Elitist Casino on Ebay about 6 weeks ago and I'm loving it even tho I'm only playing it thru a Vox Amplug headphone amp (no time right now to look for an amp). Love the fit and finish and easy playability of this guitar. I took the pickguard off a few weeks ago to wipe down the guitar and want to put it back on now. The pickguard attaches in two screwholes, one a little south of the high 'E' string and the other screw hole is located on the side of the body. There is a little black felt washer that goes with one of the screws but I can't recall where it was situated when I took the pickguard off. I've tried to attach pics but can't get it to work.. I believe that the washer goes on the bodyside but just want to make sure from other Casino owners. Thanks. Rob
  6. Kidblast, Great explanation as well. You and Milod have educated me more in the last few minutes than in the previous few weeks of my Googling around on these issues. I read somewhere that guys put foam in their hollow bodies to absorb the energy but I'm guessing that must be on stage at high volumes and not at the bedroom level of volume that I'll be playing at. Like you said, I'll likely not to have to worry about that level of feedback and I'm probably worrying too much about all this but I just wanted to understand and cover my bases because I have been to a few stores and told them that I was interested in a Casino and more than a couple of people said 'Whoa, be careful of the feedback' so thanks for getting me up to speed. And being 55 years old I definitely remember fiddling around with the rabbit ears until somebody shouted 'Freeze!' :) Rob
  7. Milod, Yes, thank you very much, that is helpful. I think you are right that it is the 60 cycle hum that I was probably referring to. I really am most interested in a semi hollow or hollow body at this point as opposed to a solid body so I'll continue to keep trying them out knowing that any feedback is just part of their character. Again, thanks for the info, I'm an acoustic only guy and coming up to speed on all the technical aspects and jargon has been a challenge! Rob
  8. I recall it being just walking with the guitar in hand (not playing it) towards the amp that I would hear the hum and it getting louder as I got near the amp. So I guess what we are talking about is the 60 cycle hum right? A guy at the music store where the Casino Elitist is told me that I could reduce the 60 cycle hum by putting the pickup selector switch in the middle position. Also, like you have noted, he said it is a product of single coils and said a Tele would do the same thing. So, if that is the 60 cycle issue then what exactly is the Casino feedback issue that people seem to note often on forums as in 'Casinos feed back like crazy because of the hollowbody', 'Have to deal with the feedback issue', etc. ? Thanks again. Rob
  9. Hi all, I'm pretty taken right now with the Casino Elitist but when I had my MIC Casino a couple of years ago I bought a small Vox amp (can't remember what model) and had it in my second bedroom which is the only place that I play and I just remember the amp/guitar buzzing anytime I got near the amp. I'm confused as to whether this is the 'Casino Feedback' that many talk about or the 60 cycle single coil hum, etc. ? Do you guys/gals have any problems with yours creating a lot of interference? I'll only be playing at low volume. Thanks. Rob
  10. Hi Dennis, I can understand. I have been playing tons of electric guitars in the last two weeks trying to find the one that speaks to me and so far it has been the one Casino Elitist (I believe that it is an 2013 or 2014) that I have found to play that feels right so far. Gorgeous sunburst like yours and plays nice and easy. I know that there are used ones available here and online but I'm just hesitant to buy a guitar that I have not played. I'm going to do a bit more looking but my willpower is fading. Rob
  11. Thanks, Gibson confirmed as much with the caveat, and I quote "However, every neck is hand shaped and sanded, so you will notice slight variations on each individual neck." Rob
  12. Played a new Casino Elitist today at my local retail store and really loved it. A bit more than I wanted to spend so I am considering looking on the used market. Does anybody know if the neck profiles (the current model is listed as having a 'Slim Taper D') have been consistent throughout the years of Elitist production? I have emailed Gibson the question as well. BTW, I'm an acoustic player and a big Beatles fan and I had a trip into the electric world a few years ago when I bought a used MIC Casino off of a guy on the BeatGear forum. I never really bonded with it and ended up selling it but to me the Casino Elitist (at least the one that I played today) is a much different animal than the MIC (I played one of those today as well). The other guitar that I really loved today was a Gibson ES-339. Thanks. Rob
  13. I know that I knew at one time but can somebody give me a quick rundown on what the difference is between the IBJL Casino and the regular Casino now that they are temporarily the same price. Thanks. Rob
  14. Thanks for that link. At only 65 guitars being made it will be quite a rare piece. Rob
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