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  1. can anyone confirm if sewatt.com is up as of 8:15 am pacific time? can't access it here at work
  2. Wierd; I can access it at home but not at work.. or maybe coincidentally it's been down while at work and up when I'm at home. Anyways, I've had a number of good suggestions from the sewatt site so thanks for the link! Some of the ideas on how to solve the problem were: to scrape paint away from chassis and add a spiky washer ensuring a good ground; did that but still a little buzz left. and do somthing with the spare dangly transformer wires; haven't done that yet.
  3. It seems to be down. Anyone know when it'll be back up??
  4. Ok, so i did the tweed tone control mod to my v2 combo using this schem: http://amps.zugster.net/articles/tone-stacks , and I get loud high pitched hum and buzzing , almost static. What did I do wrong?
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