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  1. Nice!!! Got to ask, how is the Bose P.A. system. i have alway been curios how that system works in a band setting Cheers.
  2. I have a vintage casino that had the same deal on the D, I seated it better and now it's gone. But I miss it! It had this snarll that's gone. Kinda wish it would come back. Weird. Cheers.
  3. i hve posted mine before but here she is again. 1966 royal tan.
  4. Malchik, I to hate trems, but you don't need a hardtail. I have two strats and I just did the Clapton mod, wich is to block the trem. Works great, no more tunning issues and great sustain. The issue I have with my strats are the control placement, I always am hitting the vol. knob when strumming. Cheers.
  5. 1973 ft145 $95.00 on C.L. , no masterbuilt here.... Cheers,
  6. Wow P.W. are you dating Gibson Guitar co.?
  7. With the prices on eleitest and the such, save up another six months and go vintage. Nothing like the real deal, I have seen them pop up in "player condithion" for 1700.00-1900.00. I have a 66" and there is nothing like it. Cheers.
  8. motowntom


    the best years...
  9. I think the O.P. works for Epiphone....... Cheers.
  10. vintage casinos can still be had for a decent price, at least in the states. The vintage 330's seem to go for more. I have a vintage casino, and all I can say is get vintage! I was at my favorite shop last weekend and played a new 330, a 335, and a L.P. all nice but nothing felt or sounded like my old guitar. The vintage market is somewhat depressed right now, and if you have the means it's a great time to buy. Cheers
  11. I have one in tne bridge position of a d.c.and it,s the best p.u.I have ever owned. Try it you'll like it. Cheers.
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