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  1. Harp, I've seen my dad make some great deals and some not so great, I have advised him on some and vise-vera, this was a satisfiying deal both ways, and I will never forget it, or sell the guitar. Cheers.
  2. Harpboy, thats what he asked, thats what I paid. Even though your opinion of my buying and selling habits don't amount to sh*t, I appreciate you babysitting the world. Cheers.
  3. All epi's made in kalamazoo, were made side by side with Gibsons. The factroy made all sorts of variations back then, unlike now. There are guitars that have different appointments out of nessesity of the type of production processes that were used in the 60's. There are identical models of units that have slightly different pick up windings, slightly different hardware configurations, ect. That is how it was done back then, the funny thing is without all the automation tech. that exist's today, most agree that Q.C. was actually better back then, can't beat those human beings! I am fortunate enough to have a 66" casino that came from K-Zoo and it is the best guitar I have ever held. They made some really good sh+t in that place. Cheers.
  4. mine is 44 yrs old and plywood, it is just part of the uniqe sound of a true hollow body, get one and dont look back cheers
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