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  1. It really depends on what you want on it, when I got my Les Paul Custom Axcess from Wildwood Guitars I was told a woman there wanted to order one exactly like it from gibson and it would be 5000 to 7000 dollars but the price really depends on what kind of appointments you want on it. I would say for a green or red probably around 5000 dollars.
  2. I bought one and am going to install it on my custom axcess this weekend no idea on the bigblock.
  3. My plan is to put grovers on it as well as pickup covers, switch the knobs to black speed knobs, put strap locks on it and my guitar tech is going to install a tremolno for alternate tunings.
  4. Ok everybody here is the long awaited pictures of the Les Paul Axcess Custom they are from when I purchased it from Wildwood in October or November Ill try to get some more up soon. Axcess Custom Axcess Custom
  5. Well it is very true considering I own the Les Paul Axcess Custom and I have seen the Les Paul Axcess's with the stop tail pieces. I believe gibson was planning originally to release them as you stated above. However, after consideration decided not to. Whether this was to make more money or the other syles were not ready I am not sure. But yes they have come out with both at this moment however, in extremely limited runs.
  6. Staxman who was selling the ebony custom online? I agree both directions about selling sometimes you have to sell in order to grow as a guitarist.
  7. I agre Wondo save for it. Ive done the same got rid of my first guitar ever which was a strat which I still regret and I got rid of a 1979 SG which I kick myself in the *** for to this day.
  8. Staxman where did you see the Axcess Custom for sale at!!!!!
  9. Administrator I have seen some Axcess Customs have been released are they a limited run or are they unlimited???
  10. Staxman that looks real sweet!!! cant wait to get mine and put the covers on it.
  11. Thanks Staxman good to know that way I wont buy the wrong covers!!!
  12. I must admit I have to totally disagree with both of on most of the points though I will admit the setups from the Custom Shop are below average. I went and played an Axcess two weeks ago and I loved it the one I played sounded thick and meaty not thin as you have stated. The floyd was stiff but as stated before in this forum that can be fixed by changing strings and springs and getting a good setup. As far as a good setup coming from the factory. PRS is known for that Gibson is just the opposite. Besides most guitars you get need to be set up from the factory so that is not a reason to bash i
  13. Admin do you know what determines which dealers get the special colors?
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